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Cluster: A Group Show of Groupings at Jonathan LeVine Gallery

Art By Dylan Egon
Art By Dylan Egon (All Photos By Gail)

Jonathan LeVine Gallery’s Summer Group Show, Cluster, features work by established artists who have previously shown at the gallery, alongside emerging talent making their JLG debut. Each has been allocated space to display clusters of work, a concept that can be approached in many unique ways, and which grants each artist the opportunity to show the full range of their aesthetic.

Art by Ron English
Art by Ron English

While some have chosen to display groupings of work that are similar or create one large piece surrounded by smaller works, others interpreted the idea of “cluster” and used it as source of inspiration.

Art By Gary Taxali
Art By Gary Taxali

Similar to an art fair, in which pieces of varying mediums and styles are shown beside each other, Cluster includes sculptures, drawings and paintings by fifteen artists who might not typically be exhibited together, including Amandine Urruty, Anton Vill, Ben Tolman, Charlie Immer, Drew Leshko, Dylan Egon, Gary Mellon, Gary Taxali, Luke O’Sullivan, Marco Mazzoni, Nicomi Nix Turner, Ron English, Sam Gibbons, Smithe One, Tran Nguyen and Troy Coulterman. Let’s check out more photos from the opening reception!

Art By Luke O'Sullivan
Art By Luke O’Sullivan

Art By Luke O'Sullivan Detail
Luke O’Sullivan Sculpture Detail

Art By Nikomi Nix Turner
Art By Nikomi Nix Turner

The Brotherhood By Nikomi Nix Turner
The Brotherhood By Nikomi Nix Turner

Spongebob Grin by Ron English
Spongebob Grin by Ron English

Snake By Amandine Urruty
Snake By Amandine Urruty

The complex, surrealist drawings of Amandine Urruty are new to me. I really love the retro-creepiness of her style.

Smile By Amandine Urruty
Smile By Amandine Urruty

Carrot By Amandine Urruty
Carrot By Amandine Urruty

Floating Bell by Troy Coulterman
Floating Bell (Edition of 7) by Troy Coulterman

The Couple by Troy Coulterman
The Couple by Troy Coulterman

Charlie Immer Cluster
Art by Charlie Immer

Charlie Immer Coiled
Coiled by Charlie Immer

Skulls + Cuteness = A Perfect Match!

Art By Smithe One
Art By Smithe One

DBF By Smithe One
DBF By Smithe One

This piece reminds me of the cover of This Classic Album.

Cluster: A Group Show of Groupings will be on exhibit only through August 20th, 2016 at Jonathan LeVine Gallery, Located at 529 West 20th Street. in the Chelsea Gallery District.

Cluster Exhibit Signage

Jonathan LeVine Signage

Meesha Goldberg’s Equilibrium Rites Plus Honey and Venom Group Show at The Hive Gallery, Los Angeles

James Stark Photography Equilibrium Rites
Equilibrium Rites Image Courtesy of James Stark Photography

Every year, 80 billion honeybees are trucked into California’s Central Valley to pollinate nearly one million acres of almonds trees. This past February was history’s greatest gathering of honeybees, coming at a time when hive populations are facing 44% yearly die-off rates and the state copes with drought. During this mass pollination event, a crew of six women costumed in gold performed a five day 100 mile walk through the desert, interviewing farmers and beekeepers along the way. Part performance art, part ritual, part activism, Equilibrium Rites seeks to raise public awareness of this ecological crossroads to instigate healing and inspire creative response to crisis.

Beginning on Saturday, August 6th, Project Director Meesha Goldberg will exhibit a series of evocative visionary oil paintings based on the ritual walk in an exhibition also entitled Equilibrium Rites at LA’s The Hive Gallery. Also on display will be photographs documenting the performance, taken by renowned punk photographer James Stark, along with a short documentary on the experience, and a display of artifacts by Joanna Brook.

Beneath the Land of Milk and Honey

Running concurrently with Goldberg’s solo show will be a bee-themed group show entitled Honey and Venom, which she curated along with gallery director Nathan Cartwright. Participating artists include: Peca, Katelan Foisy, K Lenore Siner, Lana Gentry, Elizabeth Shupe, Kaylee Holz, Theodore Holdt, Inge Vandormael, Liv Rainey-Smith, Kamina Kapow, M de Vena, Denise Bledsoe, Nyahzul Blanco, Evgeniya Golik, Ivonne Escoto, Alex Quintero, Mark Brunner, Joon Alvarado, William J.Dunn, Amanda Sage, Steven “Wireboss” Darden, Nathan Cartwright, Ricardo Ales, and Donna Zoell.

A percentage of all art sales will go towards the establishment of a bee sanctuary in Hawaii, directed by San Francisco bee activist Patricia Algara, who participated in the Equilibrium Rites performance. For more information on the Equilibrium Rites project you can visit This Link.

Equilibrium Rites and Honey and Venom will be on Exhibit through August 26th, 2016, with an Opening Reception that is Free to the Public on Saturday, August 6th, from 8 – 11:00 PM, at The Hive Gallery and Studios, Located at 729 South Spring Street in LA.

Honey and Venom

Objects and Everyday Goods at Mike Weiss Gallery

Adam Parker Smith Installation View
Installation View: Sculptures by Adam Parker Smith (All Photos By Gail)

One of our favorite Chelsea venues, the Mike Weiss Gallery, is currently hosting a group show called Objects and Everyday Goods, which features new works by artists that we were first introduced to at Mike Weiss — such as Cameron Gray and Tom Fruin — both of whom make art that is just insane, as well as some new favorites and a few artists we’ve not seen before. It’s fun to discover new art at Mike Weiss Gallery! Let’s take a peak at this eclectic show!

Tom Fruin Break Time 2 and 1
Tom Fruin Break Time 2 and Break Time 1

If you know the work of Tom Fruin you will instantly recognize these pieces as his. Fruin creates colorful “stained glass” mosaic structures — such as his famous Watertowers — out of panels that look like the above. He is a genius. This exhibit also has examples of Fruin’s Drug Bag Quilts series and other metal work.

Tom Fruin Break Time 3
Break Time 3

Adam Parker Smith Ex
Adam Parker Smith, Ex

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, sculptor Adam Parker Smith has created a very narrative series of his crazy, mixed media structures that include everyday objects like small festive cakes, floral wreaths and  balloons. This one, seriously, I just love it. LOVE IT!

Bold as Love
Bold as Love

You might recognize Parker Smith’s very visually engaging works from when we last saw him on the Bowery as part of the Not a Painting group show at The Hole. It is good to see him in a nice place like Mike Weiss!

Hit or Miss
Hit or Miss

Any art that includes Cake, I automatically dig it. Cake Art!

Installation View 2
(Far Right) Michael Zelehoski, Incomplete Cube Series, (Center Foreground) Liao Yibai, Zhulong Dragon, (Rear Background) Cameron Gray, Must Have for Summer

Liao Yibai Zhulong Dragon

Are you wondering if Liao Yibai’s sculpture of an oversize bike chain, Zhulong Dragon is the BFD of the show? Yes, yes it is. It’s amazing.

Liao Yibai Zhulong Dragon

Big, Shiny, Beautiful.

Cameron Gray Our Unoffical Mascot for Fall
Cameron Gray, Our Unoffical Mascot for Fall

Last time we saw Cameron Gray, he had transformed the Mike Weiss Gallery into a fully immersive, psychedelic acid trip/fun house with his fantastic Gymnasty exhibit, which we went to about six times. That was lots of fun. Who knew Cameron could make realist paintings like these, which I think must be inspired by ready-to-wear fashion catalogs. Really nice.

Cameron Gray Denim Done Right
Cameron Gray, Denim Done Right

Bes sure to add a day-brightening stop at Mike Weiss Gallery to your next Saturday art crawl!

Objects and Everyday Goods will be on Exhibit Through March 26th, 2016 at Mike Weiss Gallery, Located at 520 West 24th Street in the Chelsea Gallery District.

Objects and Everyday Goods Signage

Stephen Romano Gallery Presents: Saint Bowie Group Show, Coming March 2nd!

Saint Bowie Art Exhibit
Image Courtesy of Stephen Romano

Save the Date: Stephen Romano Gallery is very honored to be presenting the group exhibition Saint Bowie, opening March 2, 2016, with a reception from 5 – 9 PM. Saint Bowie will be comprised of artist-made devotional mementos, Ex Votos, Santos, Spirit Photos and other reliquaries which mourn the loss of the Starman, and also serve as a means by which to commune with Bowie on the other side.

Saint Bowie will feature art by some of our very favorite artists including Sas and Colin Christian, Nyazhul Blanco and Lori Field, among many others, listed below.

Saint Bowie Art Exhibit

See you there!

New Spirit Group Show at Dorian Grey Gallery

RoudSean Sullivan Layer Cake Speed Racer
Speed Racer By Sean Sullivan (Layer Cake) (All Photos By Gail)

NYC’s premier East Village Street Art Gallery, Dorian Grey, kicks off the new year with a vibrant group show featuring three artists who have already established their brand in the realms of Street Art, Illustration, Clothing Design and beyond. New Spirit fills the intimate gallery space with recent works and a special series of collaboration paintings between artists John Paul O’Grodnick (JPO), Sean Sullivan (Layer Cake) and Mike Mozart (MiMo).

Mimo Celebrate New York
Mimo, Celebrate New York

As soon as I saw the work above I was all, “Oh look, Alec Monopoly,” referring to the LA-based street artist whose stenciled likenesses of the Monopoly Man are just everywhere. Only, it’s not Alec Monopoly; it’s Mike Mozart (aka MiMo), who “collaborated” with Alec Monopoly for years until he got tired of that shenanigans and decided to come out of the shadows and take credit where credit is due. Good for him.

MiMo, Mr Monopoly on the Wall Street Cross
Mr. Monopoly on the Wall Street Cross

Many of MiMo’s works are created on vintage Monopoly Game Boards with his original painted designs and elements of collage — very cool! The show also includes collaborations between MiMo and JPO, whose art we will get to in just one minute.

Art By Layer Cake

Sean Sullivan (aka Layer Cake) creates mixed media paintings that include iconic cartoon characters and other characters pulled from TV or period magazines, such as Speed Racer, Pink Panther and Popeye.

Pink Panther By Layer Cake

Sullivan’s canvases are deep with texture, built up with layers of vintage comic book pages, creating a substrate of eye catching collages that are then completed with his trade mark stencil compositions.

Astro Boy
Astro Boy By Sean Sullivan (Layer Cake)

Soda Pop
Soda Pop, Layer Cake with Joe Mac (Mixed Media Collage on Dodge Hemi Challenger Hood)

Art By JPO
Installation View: Art By JPO

Rounding out the talented trio, we have the colorful abstracts of JPO, AKA John Paul O’Grodnick. I was surprised and pleased to learn from reading a bit about this artist that not only is he influenced by a love of music (Jazz in particular), and artists Andy Warhol and Jean-Michel Basquiat, but that he also practices meditation and feels that his artistic inspiration is channeled. Very cool.

Fibonacci's Spiral by JPO
Fibonacci’s Spiral by JPO

I absolutely love his color palette.

Catch Me if You Can By JPO
Catch Me if You Can

Take Your Time By JPO
Take Your Time

Find Out More about New Spirit, and upcoming exhibits at the Dorian Grey Gallery, at This Link.

New Spirit Signage

Corey Helford Gallery Presents Between Worlds Group Show

Whisper By Carol Liu
Whisper By Carol Liu (All Photos By Gail)

In addition to its really amazing exhibit of bold new works by Ron English, LA’s Corey Helford Gallery is also hosting Between Worlds, a group exhibition curated by Caro that explores the fantasy of planets and lands yet to be explored.

A Possible World by Carlo Cane
A Possible World by Carlo Cane

The exhibition is a follow up to Dreamlands, where artists pushed the boundaries of the limitless landscape of our imaginations. Inspired by the spirit of NASA’s photographs of Pluto, Between Worlds features 30 international contemporary artists who share an otherworldly quality in their art. In a variety of media and styles, their works romanticize both their hope and despair for the future, and express a deep desire to reconnect with our home planet, which is threatened by pollution. Participating Artists include: Ana Bagayan, Carlo Cane, Carmel Seymour, Carol Liu, David Slone, Hannah Yata, Heiko Müller, Hikari Shimoda,Jennybird Alcantara, Jess Littlewood, Joe Hengst, Juan Travieso, Kazuki Takamatsu, Kazuhiro Hori, Meghan Howland, Naoto Hattori, Natalie Shau, Nathan James, Okuda, Sarah Dolby, Simone Legno, Hirabayashi Takahiro, Tom Bagshaw, Yasuaki Okamoto, Yoko d’Holbachie, Yosuke Ueno, Yoh Nagao,Yumiko Kayukawa and Yusk Imai.

Cow By Okuda
Cow By Okuda

This psychedelic, cubist Cow Head sculpture by multidisciplinary artist Okuda (Oscar San Miguel Erice) is one of my favorite pieces in the show!

Reflections of God By Okuda
Reflections of God

Okuda also contributed the painting above, which displays an array of easy-to-grasp, thematic symbolism.

Love is Not Light Years Away
Love is Not Light Years Away By Simone Legno

I also really love this vibrant-hued painting by Italian artist Simone Legno, creator of Tokidoki, the Japanese-inspired lifestyle brand that produces apparel, footwear, accessories and other products using art, iconic characters and the logo designed by Legno.

Here are some of our other favorite pieces from this fabulous show:

Dream Garden By Jennybird Alcantara
Dream Garden By Jennybird Alcantara

Dream Garden Detail
Dream Garden Detail

The Forgotten By Tom Bagshaw
The Forgotten By Tom Bagshaw

Distance By Kazuhiro Hori
Distance By Kazuhiro Hori

Mechanical Love By Natalie Shau
Mechanical Love By Natalie Shau

Ocean Planet By Natalie Shau
Ocean Planet By Natalie Shau

Hello By Kazuki Takamatsu
Hello By Kazuki Takamatsu

Solitary Child 1 By Hikari Shimoda
Solitary Child 1 By Hikari Shimoda

Let the TV Teach You By Nathan James
Let the TV Teach You By Nathan James

If you’re in or near the LA area, be sure to check this show out before it closes this coming weekend. The good news is that Corey Helford Gallery will be hosting a new exhibit by SHAG (one of our favorites) beginning on January 16th!

Between World’s Group Show will be on Exhibit only Through January 9th, 2016 at Corey Helford Gallery, Located at 571 South Anderson Street, Los Angeles, CA 90033. Get directions, and gallery hours, at This Link!


Really Bitchen Winter Group Show at Joseph Gross Gallery

Francesco Locastro Truth In Artifice (Verte En Artifice)
Francesco Lo Castro, Truth In Artifice (All Photos By Gail)

One of our favorite Chelsea Gallery discoveries of 2015 is the Joseph Gross Gallery, where we got turned on to cool and creative artists like Sebastian Wahl and the ridiculously hot Joseph Grazi, among others.

Erik Otto Take Refuge In The Shining Light
Erik Otto, Take Refuge In The Shining Light

Not to mention, but you can see I am about to, the ladies that work there are super nice and friendly — which we certainly know that is not the case with many galleries — and that makes visiting Joseph Gross a pleasure. Right now, they have a very eclectic Winter Group Show going on where you can see the artworks featured in this post, plus many more!

Take Refuge In The Shining Light Detail
Take Refuge In The Shining Light (Detail)

Even Venega Day Map 1112
Center – Even Venega, Day Map 1112

Erik Otto Distant Memory 01
Erik Otto, Distant Memory 01 (Also seen on the far left in the photo above)

Look how beautiful this one is.

Francesco LoCastro Traversal
Francesco Lo Castro, Traversal

Francesco Lo Castro has a few stand-out pieces in the show. He works with acrylic, spray paint and layered epoxy resin on wood. These pieces have so many visual aspects to them and are quite captivating.

Francesco LoCastro Ubicomp Everyware
Francesco Lo Castro, Ubicomp Everyware

Sean Newport UF Oh Yes
Sean Newport, UF Oh Yes

Sean Newport is a San Francisco based artist whose work varies from design to sculpture. He has two pieces in the group show that resemble origami, but are actually acrylic on hand-cut poplar wood.

Miniportal 111
Miniportal 111

I love the way his use of color recalls the effect of recessed lighting.

Sergio Garcia, It's Knot A Bike
Sergio Garcia, It’s Knot A Bike

I love this tiny Pink Tricycle and the play on words in its title. Clever!

Victor Solomon Now You Talk 'bout Some Prime Time
Victor Solomon, Now You Talk ’bout Some Prime Time

Anybody wanna shoot some hoops?

Now You Talk 'bout Some Prime Time Detail
Detail from Above Work

Rune Christensen Modern Icon
Rune Christensen, Modern Icon

This painting by Danish graffiti artist Rune Christensen reminds me very much of Paul Insect, whose art I adore.

Joseph Gross Gallery’s Winter Group Show will be up through January 23rd, 2016 at 548 W 28th Street, in the Chelsea Gallery District.

Stephen Romano Gallery Christens New Bushwick Location with Lexicon Infernali Group Show

Gallery Name
Barry William Hale, Pomba Gira Sigill Vinyl Wall Installation, 2015 (All Photos By Gail)

The only art gallery that consistently draws us from Manhattan all the way to Brooklyn, the Stephen Romano Gallery, has reopened at its new location in the heart of Bushwick, Brooklyn’s thriving local art scene — very exciting! The gallery’s inaugural group show, Lexicon Infernali, reunites many of the cutting-edge contemporary artists we’ve come to know and love from Romano’s always intriguing exhibits over the course of 2015, while offering up an assortment of welcome surprises.

Installation View

Here are a few of our favorite pieces from the show!

Art by Hunter Stabler
Art By Hunter Stabler: L- Garmr (2015) , hand-cut paper mounted to plexiglass  Edition of 3;  R – Baba Yaga Misquotes The Face To Steeleye Span, laser-cut paper mounted to plexiglass, Edition of 24

El Gato Chimney

2 Watercolor Triptychs by El Gato Chimney: Top –   The Right Way; Bottom – The Good Proportion

Limor Gasko Sheep Head

Limor Gasko, Sheep Head

Elizabeth Shupe The Great Weight of The Soul

Elizabeth Shupe, The Great Weight of The Soul (Mixed Media)

Elizabeth Shupe Green Ophelia

Elizabeth Shupe Green Ophelia (2014), Laser-sintered Nylon 3D Print, with Mixed media in a plexiglass case

Elizabeth Shupe Green Ophelia Detail
Green Ophelia Detail

Beautiful Creature III

Elizabeth Shupe, Beautiful Creature (1 of a Triptych)

Rob Bisen Pink - Pollination

Rob Bowen, Pink – Pollination

Caitlin McCormack Long Stands a Rapture

Caitlin McCormack, Long Stands a Rapture (Diptych) Crocheted Cotton String

Matthew Dutton The White Owl Shaman

Matthew Dutton, The White Owl Shaman

Shawn Thornton
Art By Shawn Thornton: L – Brahmastra for A New Age (UFO/Time Machine); R – Black Pyramid Meditation

Brahmastra for A New Age Detail
Brahmastra for A New Age (Detail)

William Mortenson +2
Left: Photo By William Mortenson. Right: Art By Stephanie Lucas, Top- Equation de Plumes, Bottom – Welcome

Detail Stephanie Lucas
Detail from Equation de Plumes

Lori Field The Bride
The Bride by Lori Field

Eric Richardson Coronation
Eric Richardson, Coronation

GiGi Chen What She Sees
GiGi Chen, What She Sees (This Image Courtesy of Stephen Romano)

David Molesky Rusalka, Acteon

Art By David Molesky: L –Rusalka; R- Acteon

Stephen Roman Gallery is located at 177 Gartan Street in Bushwick, Brooklyn, but the actual location is the corner of Harrison Place and Porter Avenue (don’t ask). Best train directions are to take the L to Morgan Ave, then walk three blocks east on Harrison to Porter and you can’t miss it. Go to This Link for a map.

Installation View

Jonathan LeVine Gallery Presents Infra Real: The Art of Imaginative Realism

Bedtime Story
Bedtime Story by Greg Hldebrandt, 2015 (All Photos By Gail, Click on Any Image to Enlarge for Detail)

Jonathan LeVine Gallery is currently hosting a huge Myth and Fantasy-themed group show, curated by collector and historian Patrick Wilshire, which fills both of LeVine’s popular Chelsea Gallery District spaces.

Patrick J. Jones Darkdreamer
Patrick J. Jones, Darkdreamer

Infra:REAL – The Art of Imaginative Realism features a variety of paintings and sculptures by the following artists: Allen Williams, Anthony Palumbo, Billy Norrby, Bob Eggleton, Boris Vallejo, Brad Kunkle, Gerald Brom, David Palumbo, Donato Giancola, Dorian Vallejo, Eric Velhagen, Greg Hildebrandt, Ian Miller, Jeffrey Watts, Jeremy Mann, Jim Burns, Jim Pavelec, John Harris, John Jude Palencar, Julie Bell, Justin Sweet, Kirk Reinert, Laurie Lee Brom, Marc Fishman, Matthew Stewart, Michael C. Hayes, Michael Whelan, Patrick Jones, R. Leveille-Guay, Rick Berry, Robh Ruppel, Scott Burdick, Stephan Hickman, Thomas Kuebler, Vincent Villafranca, Virginie Ropars and Wayne Haag.

Imaginative realism is the cutting edge of contemporary realism, combining classical technique with postmodern narrative subjects.

John Jude Palencar Pagan
John Jude Palencar, Pagan

Focusing on the unreal, the unseen, and the impossible, this genre offers visions of humanity’s mythic past, its unexplored future and, in some cases, its terrifying present.

David Palumbo Moon Children
David Palumbo, Moon Children

Just as science fiction serves for many as the archetype of postmodern literature, with its fascination with the “other” and the unknown, imaginative realism brings this same narrative to the figurative arts.

Dorian Vallejo Passages
Dorian Vallejo, Passages

Curator Patrick Wilshire offers that “Infra:REAL is a group exhibition in the most classical sense, presenting the width and breadth of imaginative realism under a single banner. The exhibition features the work artists who share a fascination with the narrative of “What if?” and have a strong connection to the mythic taproot that burrows deep into our collective subconscious.

Lair of the Absinthe Fairl
Laurie Lee Brom, Lair of the Absinthe Fairy

He continues, “[These artists’] technical approaches vary, from academic to avant-garde, but all are among the finest realist artists in the world, turning your vision “infra-real” and giving a glimpse above, below, and beyond the reality that both comforts and restricts us all.”

Here are few of our favorite works from the show!

Gerald Brown Lord Kashaol
Gerald Brown, Lord Kashaol

This one looks like it would be very much at home as part of a Last Rites show. Very scary!

Taken from Moreau's Island 1896

Thomas Kuebler’s Taken from Moreau’s Island 1896 was definitely one of the more popular pieces during the opening reception. I am sure it found its way into many an instagram feed!

Stephen Hickman Moon Gazing
Stephen Hickman, Moon Gazing

This one is just lovely.

Michael Whelan Harbinger

Michael Whelan’s Harbinger rings true to its title, as a desolate intersection, marked by a pendulous traffic signal enveloped in a wasp’s nest, foreshadows the approaching doom.

Michael Whelan Harbinger

Really amazing.

Pseudosapiens By Moonlight

The characters in Pseudosapiens By Moonlight, painted by John Harris, even have their own back-story.

The Red Dragon Tree
Ian Miller, The Red Dragon Tree

Virginie Ropars Gathering
Virginie Ropars, Gathering

Donato Giancola Breaker

And now we come to my very favorite piece of the entire show, a painting by Donato Giancola called Breaker. It looks like an almost typical, stormy sea-scape right? But no, something else is going on here. Something heavy.

Donato Giancola Breaker

Who is this silvery dude and what is he up to? What is he pulling out of the surf? Seriously, WTF is going on here? Holy Cow, this painting is so great. I want to own it.

Infra Real: The Art of Imaginative Realism Group Exhibition will be up Until August 22nd, 2015 at Jonathan LeVine Gallery’s Two Locations, 529 West 20th Street and 557C West 23rd Street, in the Chelsea Gallery District.

Infra Real Signage

Efflorescence Summer Group Show at Unix Gallery

Machiko Edmondson, Sign
Machiko Edmondson, Sign (All Photos By Gail)

Nothing says it’s Summer in the Chelsea Gallery District quite like the ubiquitous Summer Group Show. So many are doing it, with varying degrees of success. And while we’ve seen a few galleries (that shall remain nameless) totally phone it in, Unix Gallery maintains their high standard of showing provocative, quality contemporary art with its group show, Efflorescence, which is up now.

Efflorescence features new works from Zhuang Hong Yi, Machiko Edmondson, Ellen de Meijer, Gavin Rain, Pino Manos, KwangHo Shin, and Alexi Torres, plus a few assorted piece from artists, such as Desire Obtain Cherish, who’ve previously exhibited in solo shows at the gallery.

Pino Manos Trio
A Trio of Works By Pino Manos

Pino Manos, Sincronico Rosso,
Sincronico Rosso

I hadn’t seen the work of Pino Manos before, but I really loved his three pieces in this show, which are created Acrylic on Extroflexed Canvas — an exciting aesthetic twist on minimalism.

Zhuang Hong Yi, Untitled 38
Zhuang Hong Yi, Untitled 38

Zhuang Hong Yi’s Chinese training combined with Western Impressionist elements produces a vast collection of work. With studios in Beijing and Amsterdam, this cross-cultural artist brings traditional Chinese motifs such as rice paper and ink into the modern era, fusing contemporary form and culturally significant media.

Mom and Child Portrait

Ellen de Meijer’s paints a unique contrast of tension and pathos. Her portraits show figures of successful repute, yet vulnerable with an empty gaze. They are armed with digital gadgets, which refer to our zeitgeist of access to information and power. This proliferation of technology becomes a point of dependency while human instincts docilely move to the background. Often they brandish small, bizarre objects or wear gloves symbolic of a societal obsession with sterilization and unattainable perfection.

Gavin Rain

Gavin Rain draws from traditional pointillist studies with a mix of the Russian avant-garde of the early 1900’s and modern digital images. His layering of styles communicates a particular message: “I usually dislike art that doesn’t communicate anything.” (Note:I fee similarly about works that are titled “Untitled”).

Gavin Rain Detail
Detail From Above Work

Rain’s works aims to stimulate the eye and mind simultaneously, creating a constant fluctuation of information being transmitted between the work and the viewer.

Justin Bower
Art By Justin Bower

Portrait with Capsules
Art By Desire Obtain Cherish

Portrait with Capsules
Detail of the Above Portrait

Intensive Care Unit By DOC
Intensive Care Unit By DOC

It was fun to see a few works by Desire Obtain Cherish — who had such a fun show at the gallery in back in May of 2014 — mixed in with the new stuff. His art is so clever.

Jewel Pacifier
Jewel Pacifier, By DOC from his Married to Success Series

Efflorescence will be on Exhibit through August 22nd, 2015 at UNIX Gallery, Located at 532 W 24th Street in the Chelsea Gallery District.

Efflorescence Signage