Delicious Snack Review: Sahale Crunchers Fruit and Almond Snack

Sahale Crunchers Fruit and Almond Snack
Photos By Gail

Do you like to snack? I sure do. Among my favorite things to snack on are crunchy roasted nuts and dried fruit mixed together: no granola, no candy, just fruit and nuts. But it seems like Fruit and Nut Mix snacks are so all over the place these days, they don’t even grab my interest anymore. Nothing was really standing out from the pack and screaming, “You can stop your search! This is the greatest fruit-and-nut-mix snack ever!”

Then something fortuitous happened. I had picked up a bag of Sahale Crunchers Fruit and Almond Snack at the Summer Fancy Food Show back in early July, and one day I threw it in my bag and brought it into the office so I could snack on it. Because snacking at work is fun and breaks up the tedium of the day! I admit it looked pretty good from the photo on the packaging, and when I noticed it also had sesame seeds in the mix I got super excited, because sesame seeds are my jam.

When I poured a bit of the Sahale Crunchers onto a paper plate to begin the snacking process, this is what it looked like:

Sahale Crunchers Fruit and Almond Snack

That looks delicious, amiright? You can see that Sahale Crunchers is made up of roasted, halved and slivered almonds and sweet dried cranberries that are lightly coated with just enough honey to get the sesame seeds to cling to the mix and give it a clustering affect. The mix has also been lightly salted, so that the sweet-and salty-combo taste thrill is in play. Seriously, this is the most delicious snack of its kind I have ever tasted. I shared a small handful with my boss and then I ate the rest by myself. Because it was simply too delicious to share!

Sahale Snacks makes all kinds of good things to eat and you should check them out now by visiting them on the web at This Link!

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