Elinore Schnurr, Out and About in New York at Dougherty Gallery

Omonia Cafe
Omonia Cafe By Elinore Schnurr (All Photos By Gail)

Artist Elinore Schnurr has been painting scenes of New York city since she first moved here 50 years ago. A good selection of her oil on linen paintings of scenes from NY restaurants, cafes and lounges can be seen in her new exhibit, Out and About in New York, which opened at the Dougherty Gallery last Friday.

The Happy Hour
The Happy Hour

I love a painting that brings you into a story already in progress, and Schnurr’s paintings, some exuding lively energy, some serene and silent, drop you in to the middle of a conversation and leave you to your own conclusions.

W Hotel Times Square
W Hotel Times Square

Some of Elinore’s paintings are inspired by a photographic study, and I love the way she creates layers of reflection – just like what you get (and usually try to avoid) when shooting through glass – into the scene.


These paintings are much more vibrant and detailed than how they appear in my shot-with-an-iPad-in-low-light photos, so I would encourage you to check out the show in person. Dougherty Gallery makes its home at LIC’s Crescent Grill, a fantastic, family run bistro with a serious farm-to-table ethic. Perhaps you could make an evening of it, taking in the art and following that up with a leisurely dinner? You only live once, as the kids say.

An Afternoon Moment II
An Afternoon Moment II

Out and About in New York opened on Friday, May 16th, but I am not sure how long it will be on exhibit, so please call the number below to plan your visit accordingly.

Lunch On The Run
Lunch On The Run

The Dougherty Gallery at Crescent Grill is located at 38-40 Crescent Street at 39th Avenue, LIC Queens, NY 11101. Phone 718-729-4040 or Visit Crescent Grill Dot Com for more information or to make a Dinner Reservation.

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