Joseph Arthur’s Phone Calls From Leviathans at Amy Li Projects

Joseph Arthur Art
All Photos by Gail

A true multidisciplinary artist if ever one existed, Joseph Arthur is not only an astoundingly talented Musician and Painter, but one of the kindest and coolest individuals I’ve had the pleasure to meet. It is genuinely exciting to continue to cover Joseph’s career as he blows minds for a living here in New York City. Joseph has a new exhibit of original paintings up now called Phone Calls from Leviathans (such a great title) at Amy Li Projects, which is inside this Button Store:

Amy Li Projects Storefront

Fortunately, these paintings of Joe’s are also displayed in the window, to help catch your eye as you approach!

JA Pyramids

They remind me of the cover of Dark Side of the Moon! Probably not an accident! Inside the store/ gallery, you will find all kinds of excellent paintings like these:

Joseph Arthur Art

I love them!

Joseph Arthur Art

I think this is the best work Joe has done. I love the bright colors he uses and the energy he infuses onto the canvas.

Joseph Arthur Art
Number 4 (The Light That Breaks Me Down)

This one reminds me of a bird: a Peacock, to be specific.

Joseph Arthur Art

Find out what is up with the tiny Buddhist Shrine seen in this photo, at This Link.

Joseph Arthur Art

You can see more paintings from the show, and other works by Joseph Arthur, at Joseph Arthur Art Dot Com, but do make it down to Chinatown to see this exhibit in person while it is up!

Joseph Arthur Art

Joseph Arthur’s Phone Calls From Leviathans will be on Exhibit Through May 3rd, 2015 at Amy Li Projects (Inside He Zehn Snap Button Co.) Located at 166 Mott Street (Between Broome and Grand), Chinatown, NYC.

Amy Li Projects Signage

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  1. A true artist. A true talent. A true cool guy. The rest of the world, please take note – this trifecta can be done!

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