Jenny Morgan, All We Have is Now at Driscoll Babcock Galleries

Shadow Play

Driscoll Babcock Galleries is currently hosting a collection of very personal and provocative paintings by Jenny Morgan, entitled All We Have is Now. The artist’s second solo exhibition at the gallery, All We Have is Now is an investigation of darkly charged psychological works in intense hues. This new series of paintings present amorphous, yet graphically stark figures (Warning for the Prudish: Full Frontal Female Nudity)  rendered in a richly saturated prismatic array of colors.  Centered on themes of life, death, and rebirth, Morgan’s works question how we relate to our past and challenge us to live in the present.

Woman with Skeleton

Morgan painted the skeletal work, In The Moment (Death Hymn), by rendering each bone individually, without any prior plotting or planning. The end result shows not only a variety of techniques and colors, but a sense of spontaneity, freedom and immediacy. For a subject matter so deeply entrenched in death, the end result is a life affirming meditation.


In Skeleton Woman, life and death connect in the forms of a darkened skeleton draped over the exuberant figure of a woman. While the heft of the skeleton could weigh the figure down, she balances with an almost weightless pose.  For Morgan, these works are about “releasing old skeletons” and being able to “look at everything in the light and realize it no longer feels so dark.”

Dark Star (Detail)

Deeply personal, yet thoroughly universal, the works in All We Have is Now achieve a striking intensity and psychological depth, breaking through the ideals of traditional portraiture and the preciousness of realism.

Skull with Crown

Jenny Morgan’s All We Have is Now will be on Exhibit Through July 2nd, 2015 at Driscoll Babcock Galleries, Located at 525 West 25th Street, in the Chelsea Gallery District.

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