The Casper Nap Tour Experience!

Casper Nap Mobile
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If you ever take the NYC Subway, you have probably seen the hilarious  and extremely adorable ads for Casper mattresses and bedding, because they are all over the inside of the train cars. If you are not sure if you have seen them, they look like this:

Casper Nap Tour

As you can see, they are very clever, and make you want to curl up and take a nap right now! Because sleeping is awesome. And since Casper is an online merchant with no real brick-and-mortar locations (save for a couple of Showroom Locations) the company is literally taking the show, err, bed, on the road, with a multi-city Nap Tour, where you can try-out the mattresses and bedding for yourself! Nap Tour!

External Pods

I was fortunate to experience the Nap Tour when it made a much-anticipated stop in Brooklyn at the Great Big Bacon Picnic, which I attended back in September. Being all full and logy with delicious Bacon, the thought of short respite was quite appealing to me, so I dropped by for a “test sleep.”

Nap Pod Close Up

The secret to the Casper mattress is their patent-pending combination of springy, breathable latex foam over supportive, pressure-relieving memory foam. The latex provides just enough sink, so you’ll always feel fully supported by the pressure-relieving memory foam layer beneath.

Because the latex is breathable, the full contouring to your body doesn’t result in the same overheating that an all-memory foam surface creates. Its springiness also removes any sensation of being stuck! Yay!

Nap Pod Bed

When one of the four Nap Pods opened up, I was asked to remove my shoes before climbing inside, and given a pair of new slippers (which I got to keep). The friendly pod attendant showed me how to work the retractable privacy screen and I laid back for a nice rest.

Bedtime Stories

No sooner had my head hit the pillow when I saw this red telephone. I picked up the phone and became engaged immediately in listening to three bedtime stories in the form of popular fairy tales, that included:

The Princess and The Pea
Goldilocks and The Three Bears
Little Red Riding Hood

Each story was read by a different individual and it was great fun to hear these stories again as an adult. I also learned something: I had forgotten that Red Riding Hood was actually eaten by the Big Bad Wolf, and was not as lucky as Goldilocks, who escaped with her life by fleeing into the woods. Bummer. Also, after a few minutes of wondering why these three particular stories were chosen, I realized that each features a theme of sleeping, mattresses and napping in common. Clever.

Anyway, after about fifteen minutes of rest on a very comfy but supportive mattress, I left the pod refreshed and ready to eat more bacon. Bacon!

Casper Discount Card

Before I went back to the Picnic, I was given a gift card good for $50 the purchase of any new mattress! Find out when the Casper Nap Tour will be in your area, and shop for Casper mattresses and bedding online at This Link!

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