Pink Thing of The Day: Pink Poodle Christmas Ornament

Pink Poodle Christmas Ornament
All Photos By Gail

This Pink Poodle Christmas Ornament (priced at just $14.50!) was spotted in the Simply Fresh Gift Shop in San Marino, California. They stock all kinds of cool gifts and slightly retro seasonal decorations, and I always enjoy shopping there when I am in LA for the holidaze!

Pink Poodle Christmas Ornament

One thought on “Pink Thing of The Day: Pink Poodle Christmas Ornament”

  1. I was wondering what new image of plastic unblinking horror would permeate my nightmares adding that touch of sick whimsy and creepy kitsch that all good poodle props provide. I’ll be avoiding any unnecessary poodle play and off the beaten path discount souvenirring, but that bold opener might end up sticking around for awhile, me thinks!

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