Product Review: CBD For Life CBD-Infused Bath Bombs

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In these admittedly stressful times, self care is vital. Despite many stores being closed, anyone whose lifestyle incorporates the beneficial effects of CBD can find a variety of related health and beauty products available with just an internet connection and a credit card — and that’s great news. Word-of-mouth and online reviews are excellent resources for researching brands and comparing prices, but wouldn’t you love to find an online retailer that did all the footwork for you, vetting a wide range of CDB-infused product brands, and then gathering everything together in a single shopping destination? Well, guess what: that retailer is Pure CBD Vapors. Established in 2014, CBD Pure Vapors stands by the promise that every single product available on their site has been Lab tested for CBD purity meeting their ‘gold’ standards. This combination of quality-tested inventory and top-shelf customer service means that CBD Pure Vapors can be your one-stop-shop. Finally, something is easy.

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CBD Pure Vapors recently sent us a box of assorted CBD-infused personal care products to review for and, rather than overwhelm you by covering multiple items in one post, we’ll be reviewing different products in a series of features. This week, we’ll take a look at one of the ultimate items for pampering yourself: the Bath Bomb. Like an oasis in your tub, CBD bath bombs offer the ultimate in skin care, relaxation, and tranquility. CBD Pure Vapors sent us two bath bombs from the CBD for Life brand.

CBD for Life bath bombs come in four unique scents: Eucalyptus and PeppermintFresh Bamboo (truly unique!), and the two scents we received, Pink Salt and Citrus, and Lemongrass Kiwi. Each mineral-rich bath bomb blends natural salts, organic essential oils, and 35mg of CBD extract from organically grown hemp to soothe sore muscles and moisturize the skin. All you have to do to enjoy the bath bomb experience is fill your tub with warm water, drop in the bath bomb and enjoy! Since my bathroom has a shower only and no tub, we passed the bombs along to our associate Lauren, a CBD expert, to enjoy. Her comments follow.

cdb for life lemongrass kiwi bath bomb photo by gail worley
It’s The Bomb!

“The effects of using the Lemongrass Kiwi bomb were calming in both mind and body,” Lauren offered. “The coconut oil blended with the kiwi and lemongrass, making my skin smell like I was luxuriating in a beautiful garden, far away from the tub in my Manhattan apartment.”

cdb for life pink salt bath bomb photo by gail worley

Next up was the Pink Salt & Citrus bomb which, Lauren observed, “moisturized slightly more than the Lemongrass Kiwi bomb, and was very soothing to my skin. In both bombs, the presence of CBDs relaxed my body without having an overwhelming effect. I’d like to add that the CBD for Life Bath Bombs have a gentle foaming action — which I’d describe as a pleasant fizz —  in contrast to the explosive foam that comparable products can produce. I believe the difference is due to the natural ingredients contained in these bath bombs, versus bath bombs that change color and really foam, which may contain detergents.”

Clearly there is no need to wait for a special occasion; a long soak in the tub, enhanced by a CBD For Life Bath Bomb, is an ideal way to relax at the end of any day.  If you’re looking for a quality CBD product to soothe sore muscles, detoxify, reduce inflammation, and replenish moisture to the skin, this is a great option.  All ingredients are safe, natural, vegan, paraben-free, cruelty-free, and hand crafted in the United States. They contain certified colorants that are tested for purity, will never stain your tub, and are safe for absorption.

CBD For Life Bath Bombs are priced at just $12.00 for an individual bomb and $40 for a  pack of 4 bombs. You can find out more, and place an order at Pure CBD Vapors by visiting This Link!

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  1. Thanks for the review. I’m always on the lookout for other bath bombs to try out. A warm bath with a cbd bath bomb is my current favorite go-to treatment for sore muscles and chronic pain because of how it turns my tub into a healing body of water making all my muscle and body aches and pains fade away after a busy day.

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