Eye On Design: InnoGear Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser

aromatherapy diffuser red and box photo by gail worley
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Innovative design can be described as showing people what they can have, rather than merely giving them what they want: and this often translates to expanded functionality. When your apartment has limited tabletop and storage space, it’s especially fun to discover one product that can replace two or three devices you use regularly. Are you fond of infusing your home with comforting scents? And do you love to set a mood with colorful lighting? Perhaps you are also in the market for a small humidifier to offset the drier indoor air during winter months. If you’re feeling any or all of these scenarios, then you will want to check out the Innogear Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser.

Innogear is a pioneering company in the art of aromatherapy, and they offer a range of home diffusers to meet your needs and complement your decor. I received the Model AD309D, seen above, for the purpose of this review. Let’s look at everything this diffuser can do!

aromatherapy diffuser red photo by gail worley
Set a Mood For Romance With The Diffuser Light Set to Red

Say you want to enhance the room’s vibe with a colorful, glowing nightlight. The AD309D ticks all the boxes. The light can be set in either the color-changing mode, where it will cycle through a continuous, spectrum of colors; or you can choose one fixed color (and change to a different color with just a press of a button). Each color glows brightly against the transparent outer shell, creating a perfect way to enhance the festive atmosphere of any gathering.

aromatherapy diffuser green and oils photo by gail worley

To use as an Essential Oil diffuser, simply remove the lid and add up to 300ml (clearly marked with a line) of clean water. Add a few drops of your favorite scented oil, replace the lid, press the ‘Mist’ button, and you’re good to go.  This diffuser offers you a choice of two mist-output settings to provide rapid humidification, and to scent the room quickly.

aromatherapy diffuser with steam photo by gail

To use as a humidifier with no added scent, just eliminate the oil. You can set the unit to run untimed, or choose a one, two, or three-hour run cycle — all with the touch of a button. With the reservoir filled to the recommended level,  the water will last beyond a three-hour cycle, but the diffuser will shut-off automatically when the water runs out.

one pure oils box photo by gail worley

OnePure Essential Oils are recommend for use with the Innogear diffusers, and a discount code for 15% off on this set of six essential oils is included inside the Innogear packaging. So far, I’ve used the Sweet Orange and the Lemongrass scents, and they both made the room smell lovely.

With its ‘whisper-quiet’ operation, the unit will run without disturbing noises, which is so important when you live in the city.  Note that there is no “off” button, but the diffuser will either shut off automatically at the end of a cycle, or it can be simply unplugged.

The Innogear Model AD309D Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser can be purchased right now for just $23.99 on Amazon, or you can browse the full range of available Innogear diffusers at This Link.

aromatherapy diffuser blue and oils photo by gail worleyinnogear diffuser photo by gail worley

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