Fingers Crossed For a Biden / Harris Victory and a Blue Wave!

dump art by heck sign photo by gail worley
Ya Basta! (Art by HeckSign, All Photos By Gail)

While the Worley Gig tries to stay out of politics (for the most part), it is no secret that I am a left-leaning lady who has no love for the Orange Clown in the Whitehouse who’s been destroying our country with his relentless stupidity and corruption for the past four years. I’m so over it. It was my pleasure to wait on line for 2 and 1/2 hours on a Saturday to get my early vote in and get this piece of shit out. Biden / Harris for The Win, Baby.

dump street stencil photo by gail worley
Please Let Your Dog Take a Shit on His Face

I had fun sifting through my previously-unpublished street art photo archives to find a few good images to post here. Enjoy!

dump is satan photo by gail worley
Art By Devil In The Whitehouse

I’ve been saying it for years: Dump is Satan.

art by crkshnk photo by gail worley
Art By Crkshnk

Freeman Alley on the LES is a great place to find Anti-Dump images like these by the fabulous street artist Crkshnk. Follow him on Instagram at @crkshnk!

almost over keep smiling photo by gail worley
Art By Almost Over Keep Smiling

Another great find in Freeman Alley!

dump pence out now photo by gail worley

Get Them Out!!

dump art by eye sticker photo by gail worley
Art By Eye Sticker

Bye, Troll!

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