Product Review: Pink Panda Low Sugar Candy

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Did you overindulge a bit more that usual during the holiday season? Join the club. It would be nice if Holidays-in-lockdown meant that there are no rules, and you can eat whatever you want, but if you’ve made a New Year’s Resolution to curb your consumption of sweets treats, there’s a new candy in town called Pink Panda that can help you snack guilt-free.

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Pink Panda is a line of gummy candy that lets you give in to the sweet desires of your inner child while also satisfying your responsible adult brain that says snacks should be healthy whenever possible. Made with 90% less sugar than regular candy (only 2g per bag), there is no sacrifice made the it comes to quality and taste. We received bags of both the Treasure Chews and Astro Blasters varieties for review. Read on for our findings!

astro blasters close up photo by gail worley
pink panda astro blasters photo by gail worley

Pink Panda Astro Blasters are tiny moon, star and cloud-shaped soft gummies coated with a fine sour/sweet sugar dust for a bright taste sensation that’s reminiscent of the popular Sour Patch Kids.  These gummies have authentic fruity tastes of Blue Raspberry, Green Apple, Orange, Lemon and Cherry, which are easy to identify.  Each bag of 24 gummies has just 90 calories per bag! While these candies are addictively delicious, I was happy eating maybe five or six at a time; but if you want to eat the full bag, by all means go for it with no guilt!

astro blasters package photo by gail worley
treasure chews package photo by gail worley

Pink Panda Treasure Chews come in the shapes of tiny, faceted jewels. The texture is similar to a Swedish Fish, but softer and fruitier (they come in the same flavor assortment as the Astro Blasters). Besides the great taste, what I appreciate about these gummies is that they have a soft chew, which is easy on the jaw and kind to dental work.

pink panda treasure chews photo by gail worley

It’s also worth noting that Pink Panda candies are plant-based, so they are vegan-friendly. Find out more about Pink Panda Candy, and order some for yourself online at This Link!

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