Product Review: SMPLSTC CBD Salve Offers Quick Pain Relief!

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Phone Neck: it is a thing that exists. Whether your neck is sore and stiff from constantly looking down at your devices (we all do it), sitting at your computer for hours, or sleeping in a weird position, life can literally be a pain in the neck. While working from home over the past year, I’ve started using topical CBD products to treat my various muscle aches, and find them to be effective, convenient and fun to use. Recently, I received a new CBD salve from SMPLSTC which I’ve added to my pain management routine. Aside from effectively alleviating my ‘phone neck,’ there are other reasons why I am liking this great-smelling salve.

smplstc salve photo by gail worley

My review sample of SMPLSTC CBD salve arrived shortly before I got my first dose of the Pfizer vaccine for Covid-19; perfect timing to treat the soreness (similar to a deep bruise) in my upper left arm, and related tenderness in my left wrist, which I felt post-vaccine for a few days.  I’ve also been using it to treat TMJ-related pain along my jawline and behind my ear. Made with full-spectrum CBD and infused with arnica and eucalyptus oil, CBD salve from SMPLSTC reduces inflammation in the muscles, joints, and nerves — just apply a thin layer of the product wherever you’re experiencing discomfort. For optimal results, it is suggested that you use the salve after taking a hot shower, or warm up the affected area with a hot compress before applying.

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It’s true that just a small amount applied and massaged into my sore muscles brings noticeable, effective relief within a few seconds — much faster than waiting for Advil to take effect. The pain continues to dissipate for a few minutes until it ‘slips into the background,’ so to speak, allowing you to continue with whatever you were doing, as if the pain were never there.

One thing I really love about this salve is its wonderful scent: slightly herbal with notes of vanilla and lemon — really lovely and not at all medicinal-smelling, which you might expect with a product containing eucalyptus oil.  Be advised though that the salve is a bit greasy in texture, though it will eventually mostly absorb into the skin. During use, I recommend not wearing fabrics that could stain easily (such as silk), and if you have long hair, consider putting it up in a bun or tying it back in a ponytail if you are applying the product to your neck. Since a little goes a long way, one tin can easily last many months, depending on how often you use it. Get more information on SMPLSTC CBD salve, and pick up a tin for just $49.95 at This Link.


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