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Beverages You Can Mix With CBD Oil

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As we evolve and innovate in the healthcare field, we start to uncover new ways of doing things, and new ways of healing our bodies. We find new medicines, procedures,  products, etcetera. These days, we can easily add medicines and supplements into the food and drinks we consume. Adding CBD oil to foods and beverages for consumption has become especially popular, as it has branched out greatly  from what was originally a chemical compound mainly used in topicals lotions and creams, in edibles such as CBD gummies (available from online outlets such as  JUSTCBD).
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What Everyone Should Know About CBD Cream

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The CBD culture has taken the health and wellness industry by storm. Considering the innumerable health benefits of using CBD products, one shouldn’t overlook these products, since they offer great alternative options for treating various health conditions.

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Product Review: Keoni CBD Promotes Wellness Naturally

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I’m not proud to admit it, but it took a pandemic to turn me on to CBD products for alleviating my chronic pain. When NYC was locked down and I couldn’t visit my Chiropractor, PT or Massage Therapist for the hands-on, muscle manipulation I need,  I discovered how topical products infused with natural hemp-derived CBD could work quickly and effectively to relieve my joint pain. Now, I don’t know how I lived without them. If you’re curious about using CBD for better health, but not sure where to start, let me tell you about Keoni CBD. This Kentucky-based wellness brand recently sent me a selection of their most popular products, which I’ve been using for a few weeks now. I am honestly thrilled with the results and excited to review Keoni CBD for The ‘Gig!

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Product Review: AmourCBD, the 1st FDA Registered CBD Cream

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CBD products for pain relief are more popular than ever,  for the simple reasons that they are both highly effective and readily available. But not all CBD creams and topical treatments are created equal; many commercial CBD products are of sub-standard quality. Produced in unregulated factories, these creams and salves may contain adulterating substances, including trace amounts of THC and other undesirable chemicals from hemp grown in foreign countries with questionable farming practices. The good news  is that there’s now a high-quality alternative line of CBD products on the market.

Just in time for National CBD Day (August 8th) I’ve been introduced to AmourCBD, the first FDA registered CBD cream, made from the best quality and medical-grade ingredients. Most importantly, AmourCBD products contain no THC, the psychoactive substance in cannabis and, to a lesser extent, in hemp, which means it’s safe to use and safe to travel with.

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Product Review: SMPLSTC CBD Salve Offers Quick Pain Relief!

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Phone Neck: it is a thing that exists. Whether your neck is sore and stiff from constantly looking down at your devices (we all do it), sitting at your computer for hours, or sleeping in a weird position, life can literally be a pain in the neck. While working from home over the past year, I’ve started using topical CBD products to treat my various muscle aches, and find them to be effective, convenient and fun to use. Recently, I received a new CBD salve from SMPLSTC which I’ve added to my pain management routine. Aside from effectively alleviating my ‘phone neck,’ there are other reasons why I am liking this great-smelling salve.

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