Product Review: Jasmine Seven Yoga and Body Wipes

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The Covid life has familiarized many of us not only with the concept of Working From Home, but also Working Out From Home. Personally, I am doing two or three Zoom workouts each week, which helps to fill up the time I used to spend leaving the house to socialize with other humans. Another thing we can claim a heightened familiarity with (compared to one year ago): Wipes. Did you ever imagine that you would spend such a large percentage of your waking hours wiping things? I sure didn’t. And yet here we are; all about the wipes.

jasmine seven yoga wipes photo by gail worley

With Spring Cleaning on everyone’s minds, you may be thrilled to know that there is a wipe made just for freshening up your workout gear. JasmineSeven Mat & Body Yoga Wipes are uniquely formulated to be gentle yet effective in naturally cleaning your active gear (and yourself). These wipes contain Tea Tree Oil, which gently cleanses, while the addition of fragrant Lavender delivers a soothing, fresh scent. All-natural and non-toxic, they are safe and gentle enough for your use on skin, so you can use one to freshen up yourself and another to get your mat ready for your next yoga session!

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JasmineSeven also makes a fantastic product called Fresh Feet Wipes. These wipes, as you might infer from the name, are just for the feet. After your work out, one of these sweet-smelling wipes will clean and refresh your feet and get them ready for going back into a shoe or sock. Fresh Feet Wipes (which come in your choice of Grapefruit or Peppermint scents) are also ideal to take along on a trip to the  beach for cleaning your feet after a frolic through the sand. What I like them most for is prepping my feet for a home pedicure. My feet have never felt so pampered.

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JasmineSeven is family-owned company based in Rhode Island that focuses on providing solutions  to make life a little easier for active families.  Made with natural ingredients, their products are environmentally conscious, and strive to reduce the footprint. It’s good to know also that all wipes are compostable, so you can wipe away sweat and grime while being eco-conscious. All varieties of JasmineSeven wipes come in canisters containing 45 wipes, or convenient travel packs containing 25 wipes. Find out more about JasmineSeven products and buy them on line at This Link!

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