Product Review: Elyptol Natural Cleaning Wipes

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In this modern Covid life that we live, do you find that your hands are perpetually red and chapped from constant washing, as well as endlessly wiping down counters and household surfaces with disinfectant wipes that can dry your skin even further? Not to mention, but you can see I am about to, the fact that for many months wipes were difficult, if not impossible, to even find on the shelves. I think we can all relate to the intimate new relationship that we have with disinfectant wipes; a product that, prior to March of 2020, I will confess to having purchased maybe once or twice in my entire life. Just being serious.

Now that wipes of all sorts are back in-stock in most stores, it’s nice to have the option of using a brand made with natural ingredients that are also gentler on your skin.  Elyptol, makers of multi-use cleaning essentials, has just launched its all-natural cleaning wipes in Target stores nationwide and on  I recently received a package of Elyptol Natural Cleaning Wipes for use here in the Chickpad so that I can let you know how they work. Here are my findings.

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Before you can start using the wipes, you will a need short tutorial (not provided on the container, but provided here by me) on how to remove the lid  (which surprisingly neither twists off nor pops off easily) from the Elyptol Wipes container. First, get a large spoon from the kitchen, turn the container on its side, hold the spoon upside down and nudge the edge the spoon’s bowl underneath the rim of the lid, then push the lid up and off.

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Once that’s done, use a scissor to cut across the top of the bag containing the wipes (but leave the wipes in the bag). Next, pull the centermost wipe through the opening in the lid, replace the lid, et voila! You are now ready to start cleaning! You’re welcome.

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Tim O’Connor, company CEO, offers some background on the product’s genesis.  “All-natural cleaning products have seen a rise as consumers, in particular families, look for clean ways to stay healthy and be environmentally conscious,” he explains. “Eucalyptus essential oils are used in cleaners for their gentleness, versatility, cost-effectiveness, and subtle fragrance. Studies have also shown that eucalyptus oil contains substances that kill bacteria. Elyptol’s botanical-based formula enables frequent use. Our wipes get the job done both for home and healthcare needs. As we enter the flu and cold season, this becomes increasingly important. The soft texture and eucalyptus scent are pleasing on hands and effective on surfaces.”

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Elyptol Natural Cleaning Wipes are made of soft, nonwoven cloth and infused with eucalyptus essential oil. You may notice that the Elyptol wipes appear thinner and softer to the touch than other wipes you might have used. This is no indication that they are any less sturdy or capable of cleaning a surface sufficiently once put to use. The wipes are just wet enough and the eucalyptus scent is clean and pleasant. The Elyptol hard surface wipes effectively clean stoves, toilets, countertops, desks, and bathtubs without leaving a streak on surfaces or residue on hands. Enhanced by the healing properties of eucalyptus oil combined with naturally sourced pure ethanol, they are safe and gentle for all ages and skin types. I’ve enjoyed using them over the past couple of weeks, and when I return home from running an errand I notice that my apartment smells fresh and clean. A 150-count package of Elyptol disposable cleaning wipes sells for $11.99 and can be purchased at Target, both in stores and online. Stock up now!

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