Eye On Design: Velvet Solar Star Lighting Fixture By Jonathan Trayte

velvet solar star by jonathan trayte photo by gail worley
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If you believe that home lighting should be fun and whimsical rather than predictable and ordinary, then you’ll probably appreciate the bright pink, abstract flower shades that make up Velvet Solar Star, a chandelier-type-thing by artist Jonathan Trayte.

velvet solar star photo by gail worley

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A frame of stainless steel and reinforced plastic branches support six painted and powder-coated aluminum flower blossom fixtures that each hold one incandescent bulb.

velvet solar star photo by gail

Velvet Solar Star is part of a series of art furniture by Trayte — who considers himself an artist / sculptor rather than a furniture designer — which was inspired by the nature he observed during a cross-country road trip. You can see, and possibly extrapolate that this lamp was inspired by some kind of cactus, I suppose.

velvet solar star photo by gail worley
Installation View With Kula Sour Chaise

Photographed as Part of Jonathan Trayte’s Recent Exhibit of Sculptural Art Furniture, MelonMelonTangerine, at Friedman Benda Gallery in NYC.

velvet solar star photo by gail

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