5 Best Cannabis Strains To Enjoy At The Beach

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Now that summer weather is here, most individuals treat more sun as an invitation to head to the beach, where you can get a vitamin D fix and reveal a little more skin. While you’re relaxing at the beach, a little cannabis can help with the chilling process, provided you pick the right strain from Just Cannabis. Choices are important, otherwise you’ll end up yawning when you should be energetic, and paranoid when you’re keen to feel social. However, you may be wondering what difference cannabis will make, and if it’s even legal where you live in the first place.

Whatever questions you may have about cannabis, this post will answer those and many more. Read on to get the scoop.

A Brief Introduction to Cannabis

Also called Mary Jane, dope, marijuana, hemp, weed, and herb, cannabis refers to a category of plants with psychoactive characteristics, referred to as Cannabis ruderalis, Cannabis sativa, and Cannabis Indica. Once harvesters reap and dry the flowers of these plants, what remains is one of the most common drugs in the world.

People usually smoke or ingest pot for its calming and relaxing effects. Pot consists of over 100 compounds referred to as cannabinoids, but the well-known ones are delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD). THC contains psychoactive characteristics, i.e., it’ll get you high, but CBD doesn’t. Cannabis is legal in most states as long as it complies with the federal government’s rule of containing less than 0.3% THC.

What are the Health Benefits of Marijuana?

One of the reasons why cannabis is gaining popularity in the world is its contribution to the health and fitness sectors. Researchers have confirmed that this magical herb may help in treating conditions such as:

  • Anxiety
  • Alzheimer’s disease
  • Obesity
  • Depression
  • Arthritis
  • Parkinson’s disease
  • Diabetes
  • ADHD
  • Cancer
  • Diarrhea

These benefits are due to the CBD in cannabis impacting the cerebrum — making it work better without inducing a high — along with delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol, which has pain-relieving properties. Harvesters can extract and improve both substances for use through short-path distillation. Looking to read more about the benefits of CBD for your body? Check out CBD Queen.

What is a Cannabis Strain?

In most health centers, you may encounter the words hybrid, indica, and Sativa —most individuals group Marijuana into these three groups. Hybrid is a mix of indica and Sativa. Indica comes from the Hindu Kush peaks of India, and scientists believe it has a relaxing effect on its consumer while Sativa has a more vitalizing outcome. Beyond these categories, health centers may split the kinds of marijuana they have into breeds. Breeds are various kinds of cannabis strains, and farmers combine strain traits to have particular results on each consumer.

Which are the Best Weed Strains for the Beach?

There are countless types of strains available on the market today. However, here are the most suitable ones to enjoy at the beach.

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Strawberry Cough

This delicious strain is light and sweet and preferred by those who like a softer buzz than the kind heavier buds and types of diesel bring. Strawberry Cough brings a sense of adventure, which is perfect if you hope to go surfing or want to remain active amidst the scorching summer heat.

It’s also ideal for helping you socialize if you’re more of a quiet person. Consider trying a concentrate and getting a vape pen for the best results.


While sativas are excellent for sustained energy on summer days, you may also like to spend a lot of time in the summer relaxing. If you’re hoping to wind-down during a lazy day at the beach, then Blueberry is the perfect option for you. It’s not only ideal for relaxing, but it’s a great pain reliever as well.


Sherbet is a cross between Durban, Girl Scout Cookies, and Jacksonville Kush, making it a massive ‘mutt.’ The good thing is, the taste ends up as a creamier, more Cookie-influenced take on Strawberry Cough. Try combining it with a delicious ice cream treat as you watch the sunset from a sandy beach.

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Green Crack

Many people believe that this intense Sativa, initially known as “Cush,” was renamed “Green Crack” by the legendary Snoop Dogg, perhaps due to its potent smell and soft bright-green hue. Green Crack, with an irresistible and tangy flavor, has been known to provide a strong high that’s best for seasoned cannabis users.

White Durban

This Sativa-dominant strain from a cross of Durban Poison – a Sativa and White Fire O.G., which is a hybrid. If you’ve been consuming weed for some time, then you are probably familiar with Durban Poison’s popularity. White Durban is excellent in hybrids since it contributes to an energy boost and mood elevation. When you give it a sniff, you’ll receive an earthy fuel and woody smell, and the flavor is a lot like that, with an added layer of sweetness. It’s very pleasant, which is an understatement of the potent effects. It’s also got an electrifying quality, which makes it best for people who have mood disorders or have chronic fatigue. Please use it sparingly.

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Hash is a type of cannabis that is made from the resin of the plant. It can be smoked or eaten and has a much stronger effect than marijuana. You can buy hash in Canada without any issues.

The right cannabis strains can make your time at the beach even more fun and worthwhile. If you were having trouble deciding before or if it’s your first time taking cannabis strains, then the selection above will help you choose what’s best for you. Whichever strain you pick, please remember to use it responsibly. Each piece is packed with enough energy and good qualities to keep you going all day at the beach!

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