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Three Reasons to Head to Cincinnati On Your Next Vacation!

Cincinnati View with Suspension Bridge
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It’s time to think about summer vacation and this year, you want to do more rather than simply lounge on a beach adding inches to your middle. Yes, it’s a time of rest from the workaday world, but it’s also a time of seeing and doing things there’s no time for the other weeks of the year. You may be wondering why Cincinnati for a vacation. With so much to see and do, you can pack your vacation with everything from shopping to sports. Check out these three reasons why this just might be your best-ever vacation.

Reds Player
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1. Watch the Reds at a Home Game

For all those Reds fans out there, there is nothing quite like seeing your favorite team play a live game. It’s so much better than televised games and even though you are religiously following the Reds online, it’s not the same as seeing a live game. One of the things you’ll certainly know about this amazing team is that the Reds enjoy a following in every state. Whether you’ve moved from Ohio or simply love the Reds, this is a vacation treat of a lifetime.

Cincinnati Escape Room
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2. Enjoy a Trendy Cincinnati Breakout Game

While Breakout Games are beginning to make their way to major cities around the nation, the Cincinnati Escape Room is already becoming a legend. Here is where teamwork is at its best as players work to solve mysteries and puzzles in order to beat the clock and breakout, hence the name, Breakout Games. You will be locked in a room. To break out, the players must solve clues and find the ultimate solution. Having just one hour to do it, the team must work together.

Findlay Market
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3. Spend a Day in Historic Over-the-Rhine and Findlay Market

One of the most remarkable aspects of the Over-the-Rhine neighborhood would be the lovely 19th-century architecture. While visitors spend hours viewing this historic area of Cincinnati, what they really enjoy about it is the nearby Findlay Market which is the oldest public market in Ohio. On weekends, you will find a farmer’s market where local farmers bring their produce and there are outdoor vendors of all kinds. When looking for a souvenir to take home, this would be the place to find something unique. Also, plan to spend the day there so that you have time to enjoy a wide variety of street performers.

A City Rich in History

Whether taking in a Reds game or spending a day in historic Over-the-Rhine, visitors to Cincinnati always find something of interest to fill their days. Of course, you must visit the OTR Biergarten on the west side of the Findlay Market and you’ll see a remarkable trace of the neighborhoods German roots. With names like “Rhine” and “Biergarten,” how could it be anything else? There is a different guest brewery being sponsored every weekend, so you must at least have one mug while at the market! Tracing the city’s history over the centuries, culminating in Breakout Games, makes for one remarkable and unforgettable vacation.


Shark Attack Street Sign

Shark Attack Street Sign Detail
Photos By Gail

Hey what’s up. I just got home from a very fun cruise to ports in Canada and Maine and enjoyed taking lots of holiday snaps of cool things which I will now share with you on this rad blog in the coming weeks. The Shark Attack Street Sign pictured above was spotted in Lunenburg, in the province of  Nova Scotia, Canada. There were all kinds of different fish depicted on colorful, elevated posts along  the streets and they are a pretty cool addition to a very picturesque, historic town.

Shark Attack Street Sign
Warning: Shark Alert