Tis the Season For Holiday Face Masks and Hair Accessories From Pomchies!

pomchies masks photo by gail worley
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Welcome to your second Holiday Season of rocking a mask to prevent the spread of the Covid-19 virus. Masking-up is such a part of everyday life now, it doesn’t even seem weird anymore. If you are like me and are mostly wearing the KN95 or blue medical mask, it’s fun to dress those up by layering them with one of the many colorful Pomchies masks I have in my Mask Wardrobe (which is now a thing). Let’s look at some of the seasonal ways you can coordinate  your “leaving  the house” look by matching your mask to your hair accessories with new looks for the holidays from Pomchies.

red plaid headband and scrunchies photo by gail worley

pomchies headbands photo by gail worley
Pair One of These Cute Headbands with an Oversize Sweater, Leggings and Boots!

A certified woman-owned company, all Pomchies products are created using the highest quality swimwear fabric that is durable, waterproof, washable, reasonably priced and also eco-friendly. In 2020, Pomchies launched its Pom Mask line in quick response to the need for comfortable, breathable face masks at the onset of Covid-19, and the company celebrated the sale of two million masks in just seven months!

red plaid mask and accessories photo by gail worley

Pomchies founder Heather Clark offers these mask patterns and hues “make mask-wearing more fun and approachable, for both kids and adults who love to match their masks with their outfits or moods. Our seasonal and holiday lines have something for everyone.” Now wearers can also match their Pom Mask with a coordinating seasonal hair scrunch (sold in sets of three) or headband!

pomchies flamingo mask duo photo by gail worley

In addition to the bright red and green tartan plaids, snowflakes, and holly berry patterns from last year, new patterns for this season include these fun limited edition Flamingos in Santa Hats! The flamingo set is paired with a solid navy blue mask.

green plaid mask and accessories photo by gail worley

Each pack of two coordinated Pom Masks sell for just $12.95 per pack, and includes either one patterned mask and one solid fabric mask in a coordinating color; two different solid colors, or two masks of the same solid color.  Buy your functional and fashionable Pom Masks and coordinating hair accessories in time for holiday wearing and gift-giving now at This Link!

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