Merry Christmas 2021!

taxi of lights 2 photo by gail worley
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Hey, do you remember where we were at this time last year? Shut away in our homes with no fun stuff to do except take long walks, order food for delivery, and binge-watch Netflix. Some of us are still doing that.

teddy bear of lights photo by gail worley

Looking back, it was not necessarily the worst of times, because I was healthy and had friends to quarantine with. Plus all of those Covid Life walks melted 15 pounds off my petite fame, so that was a bonus I didn’t see coming. But this year, thanks to being vaccinated (plus a booster) I am out west celebrating Christmas with friends and family that I haven’t seen in a couple of years. I hope you are able to do the same.

dreidel of lights photo by gail worley

I know Hanukkah has been over for weeks now, but I am giving a shout-out to the Tribe, because I took all of these  photos last year on Fifth Avenue and never had a chance to post them. These colorful lights were much more beautiful in person.

toy box of lights photo by gail worley

I hope you get everything you wish for this Holiday season.

taxi of lights photo by gail worley
I Love NY

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