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5 Poker Themed Ornaments for The Christmas Tree

Poker Woman Decorating Tree

Everyone loves finding a pretty bauble or brightly-colored candy cane for the Christmas tree, but sometimes doesn’t it feel a little boring? Pulling out the same old lights and having the same decorations year after year every Christmas is getting repetitive. Maybe some people like tradition, and the cost of Christmas decorations can add up! Consider this; buying a new set of lights can be more costly than selecting a few different ornaments.
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Casino-Themed Decorations for Your Home

exterior lights and signage of casino
Photo by Marco Trinidad on Pexels.com

Alright, party people, get ready to roll the dice and bring the glitz and glamour of the casino right into your humble abode. Who says you need to hit the Las Vegas Strip to feel the thrill of high-stakes gambling and dazzling lights?

In this guide, we’ll show you how to transform your home into a casino wonderland without breaking the bank. From poker nights with pals to full-blown casino-themed bashes, we’ve got your decoration game covered.  Let’s shuffle up and deal!
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Merry Christmas 2021!

taxi of lights 2 photo by gail worley
All Photos By Gail

Hey, do you remember where we were at this time last year? Shut away in our homes with no fun stuff to do except take long walks, order food for delivery, and binge-watch Netflix. Some of us are still doing that.

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When 45 Seconds Is not Enough

The comprehensive Yayoi Kusama exhibit, Kusama Cosmic Nature, runs through October 2021 at  the  New York Botanical Garden, and it’s all kinds of crazy fun to explore. The garden recently added one of the legendary Japanese artist’s super popular immersive Infinity Mirrored Rooms to the mix, and for just $10 you get a whopping 45 seconds to enjoy the light show and take as many insta-worthy photos as you can: not much time really to work on your composition, but was it work it? Oh yeah! Especially since purchasing these limited-availbilty tickets in advance means pretty short lines as compared to the time I nearly crippled myself waiting to get into one of these things for three hours. Ugh, never again.

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Pink Thing of The Day: Flying Pig String Lights!

pig string lights photo by gail
All Photos By Gail

Going shopping in your closet: it is a thing. I have not had to buy a gift for anyone since the beginning of Covid life since I keep finding new shit I forgot I owned hiding inside bags in my closet. Just being serious.

pig light photo by gail worley

Case in point: I was looking for something to re-gift for a friend’s upcoming Birthday when I discovered these awesome Flying Pig String Lights hiding at the bottom of a bag of old tights, of all places. I have a vague memory of receiving them from my sister for Christmas several years ago, and I can guess that the only reason they were not put up in the Chickpad immediately is that I already had a set of Pig String Lights (recently retired to storage) hanging over the exact book shelf where these now reside.

pig light photo by gail

I love these little guys.