Modern Art Monday Presents: Elliott Hundley, The High House Low!

the high house low photo by gail worley
Photos By Gail

Elliott Hundley (American, b. 1975) produces visually mesmerizing worlds in his artwork, creating layered effects by pinning and collaging photographs, letters, sequins, and found materials to the surface. In The High House Low! (2011) Hundley focuses on Euripides’ Greek tragedy The Bacchae, which was first staged around 400BC.

the high house low detail photo by gail worley
Detail With Magnifying Glass

Hundley’s work combines classical references and contemporary methods, and includes photographs of friends performing the play. In this dramatic feast for the eyes, Dionysus is simultaneously located thousands of years ago and in revelries today. The artist has added a date towards the top left of each of the four sections of the work. From left to right they are 1959, 1968, 1998, and 2008.

Photographed in The Broad Museum in Downtown LA.

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