Common Mistakes Men Should Avoid When Rocking Streetwear

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Aside from its mammoth popularity over the years, one of the best things about streetwear fashion is that it’s easy to experiment with. You can wear and pair different outfits without feeling as if you’re breaking any rules. In other words, you dictate your own style, so there’s a lot of freedom and versatility in streetwear. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that you won’t end up looking like a clown. Sorry to be harsh, but there are certain choices you can make (or fail to make), only to end up looking ridiculous!

So, men, what are some of the commonly-made street style mistakes to avoid? Read on to find out!

1. Poor Understanding of Street Wear 

Before anything else, it is crucial to understand what streetwear really means. If you don’t properly understand the fashion and the culture behind it, it becomes easy to mess up your entire look when experimenting with streetwear. Now, streetwear is simply defined as fashionable and casualwear that is usually worn when running errands in the streets.

The outfit usually comprises several casual clothing items such as loose tees and jeans or joggers with sneakers. Hoodies, denim blazers, camouflage items, and college jackets are also common additions. The Balmain collection on Ssense can be a great source of inspiration when looking to restock your wardrobe with streetwear clothing and footwear.

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2. The Wrong Choice of Shoes 

Did we mention sneakers somewhere? Oh, yes we did! They’re typically the foundation on which street fashion is built. Without several pairs of stylish and comfortable sneakers, you could easily end up looking ridiculous in your street-style outfit. Having several pairs of sneakers makes it easy to match your sneakers with the rest of your streetwear outfit for that stylish look. To vary your look now and then, having a few pairs of casual boots can be a huge plus.

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3. Picking Baggy T-Shirts

While loose clothing is a common urban clothing trend, t-shirts that are too baggy may not look too good on you. This is especially true if you’re a bit skinny. Instead, it is best to pick something fitting or slightly larger than your body so that it’s loose, but not extra baggy.

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4. Overlooking the Haircut

Well, the haircut is not necessarily a major component of street fashion, but it does have a huge impact on the resulting look. A poorly done haircut could make you look absurd in streetwear, even if everything else is on point. A decent haircut can elevate your look more than you can imagine.

5. Too Many Logos 

As far as streetwear culture is concerned, brand loyalty is – and has always been – a crucial element. From celebrities to sports figures, this is why you will see some of the most popular die-hard fans of streetwear in outfits depicting popular clothing labels. Wearing too many different logos at the same time, however, could result in a confused look. It’s easier to look edgy when showing off one logo at a time.

6. Inferior Quality Clothing 

From the sneakers to the tees, jeans, and hoodies, one of the biggest mistakes you can make is purchasing poor-quality urban wear items. They ridicule the entire essence of rocking street apparel! Huge-sale discounts can be a great way to save some cash while shopping for casual wear, but you may want to then use that savings to invest  in a few stylish and quality items that will last for a long time  in your streetwear wardrobe.  

Street clothing is supposed to be cool, comfortable, and stylish. However, men often make certain mistakes that end up destroying the edge they’re looking for in casualwear. Thankfully, now you know some of these mistakes and how to avoid them. occasionally accepts sponsored content. For more information, view our advertising policy Here.

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