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Common Mistakes Men Should Avoid When Rocking Streetwear

boys skateboarding
Image Via Pexels

Aside from its mammoth popularity over the years, one of the best things about streetwear fashion is that it’s easy to experiment with. You can wear and pair different outfits without feeling as if you’re breaking any rules. In other words, you dictate your own style, so there’s a lot of freedom and versatility in streetwear. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that you won’t end up looking like a clown. Sorry to be harsh, but there are certain choices you can make (or fail to make), only to end up looking ridiculous!

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Shark Attack Folding Comb and Brush!

sharks tooth folding comb and brush by fred photo by gail worley
Photos By Gail

Do you like being thought of as ‘edgy,’ while also maintaining impeccably-groomed hair? Then allow me to introduce you to the Sharks Tooth; the compact, foldable comb and brush that keeps you looking sharp! Just open up its tooth-filled jaws to quickly attack those tangles. The Sharks Tooth snaps shut, making an it easy-to-carry (in a purse or a pocket) grooming tool that goes anywhere. Expertly crafted by Fred, you can purchase the Sharks Tooth for yourself at This Link!

Photographed at the NY Now Winter 2020 Gift Show in NYC

sharks tooth folding comb and brush photo by gail

Shark Attack In Your Hair!