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Pink Thing of The Day: Pig Socks!

pig socks by foot traffic photo by gail worley
Photo By Gail

Squee! These adorable little Pink Pig Socks by Foot Traffic were spotted by me at NYNow summer marketplace. Perfect for keeping all of your little piggies warm and cozy,

Black Lives Matter / Black Flag Mash Up T-Shirt

black lives matter t shirt

If supporting social causes is important to you, and you also like classic American punk rock, you might feel the need to dress yourself in this attractive Black Lives Matter T-shirt.  This sharp design by Noble Tee Shop incorporates the image of four white bars on a black field that any fan would instantly recognize as the iconic logo for LA-based punk band Black Flack. Yes, it is pretty cool, and available in a variety of shirt styles, sizes and colors for $24.95 each at This Link!

black lives matter t shirt

Eye On Design: American Beauty Rose Evening Dress By Halston

american beauty rose dress by halston photo by gail worley
All Photos By Gail

Henri Lédéchaux bred the French hybrid rose Madame Ferdinand Janin in 1875.  It was imported into the United States in 1886, where it was renamed American Beauty.

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Pink Thing of The Day: Dash of Pep Booth Display at NY Now

dash of pep pink booth display photo by gail worley
Photos By Gail

Never underestimate the power of a fantastically designed display to draw people into your booth. Image is important, and the owner of Dash of Pep clothing and accessories got everything right — starting with her foundation color of an irresistible Hot Pink with lots of pink accents and pink props!

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Happy Pride Weekend 2021!

No matter how you celebrate, please have a fun, happy and safe Pride Weekend! Follow @worleygigdotcom on Instagram for more colorful photos from this blog and beyond!

2021 Fall Bridesmaid Dress Trends!

Bridesmaid Dresses Lead Image
All Images Courtesy of AW Bridal

Bridesmaid dress hunting can be a lot of fun, especially when you have these incredible 2021 fall trends according to the newly released fall bridesmaid dress collection of AW Bridal to choose from.

Of course, you must first determine who will pay for the bridesmaid dresses. Even so, you spend it, and the bride should also have some say about what the bridesmaids wear, whether that’s specifying a specific color to match your color scheme, or requesting a particular aesthetic to match your wedding themes, such as boho or glam. And you should unquestionably have the power to veto.

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