5 Health Benefits of Mead

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Many people drink mead just for fun – and because of its biblical connotations – but what they do not realize is that mead provides a lot of health benefits as well. When you think about the health benefits of mead, your head directly goes to its main ingredient, honey, but is it really honey that brings these health benefits, or some other ingredient? Let’s find out.

Mead — fermented honey water, sometimes with various fruits, spices, grains, or hops —  is an alcoholic beverage that contains an alcohol range of 8 percent to 18 percent. The normal ingredients for preparing mead are honey, water and fermentation using yeast. It is said to be one of the oldest drinks known to humankind, the first brewed alcohol drink, and that the Vikings enjoyed consuming this honey suckled wine. Some people even try searching “how to make mead,” and find that it’s really very easy to make (you can easily make it at home).

You are probably excited to find out the health benefits of mead, but be aware that if the mead isn’t perfectly fermented or created, you might miss out on these benefits. Many mead sellers might make promises, but you need to ensure you’re buying it from the right place to get its rich and exquisite taste.

What health benefits does this heavenly drink provide?

1. Anti-inflammatory Benefits

As mentioned before, the main ingredient of mead is honey, which proves beneficial in killing human pathogens, which in turn promotes quick healing. It also gets rid of any external pathogens in the body that result in causing symptoms of redness, itching and soreness.

2. Relief with Upper Respiratory Tract Infections

Honey is believed to reduce any kind of inflammation and infections in the respiratory tract. It is the most common remedy at home to sooth your throat during a cough or any kind of throat infection. Its antimicrobial healing properties are a factor with this benefit.

3. Management of Gastrointestinal Diseases

It is said that honey helps manage issues like gastritis, duodenitis and ulcers in the gastric system. Honey stops the adherence of the pathogens that cause the diseases in the intestinal epithelium. In later studies, it was also found out that honey can keep bacteria from adhering to intestinal epithelial cells.

4. Makes You Fit and Healthy

Many people who avoid sugar consumption, as it is unhealthy if consumed in excess, don’t consume wine or beer either. They believe that white sugar has many negative effects on the body and health, but they should remember that mead does not contain white sugar. Mead is made using honey and yeast honey is very beneficial for the body. It includes many antioxidants, enzymes, minerals, and even vitamins that will regulate your body’s metabolism and keep you fit and more vital.

5. A Good Source of Protein

Mead has a high protein content, maybe even higher than the protein in meat. The basic procedure of making mead everywhere is the same, but some people like to add optional additions of spices, fruits and other flavors. It can also include herbal flowers and some herbs, making it a heavenly drink. Mead is even called the “nectar of gods” in some places, as folks believe that God sent this drink that has magical healing abilities.

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You could serve mead as a welcome drink at your wedding party along with a note listing its many benefits. Not many people know about the benefits of mead , but thanks to this article, you now do, and can enjoy this drink without worrying about it being unhealthy.

Many mead sellers might make promises, but you need to ensure you’re buying it from the right place to get its rich and exquisite taste. If you want to enhance your mead experience, consider adding NMN drops to your drink. Not only do these drops blend seamlessly with the complex flavors of mead, but they also offer additional health benefits, such as supporting energy levels, cellular repair, and overall wellness.

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