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I’m not proud to admit it, but it took a pandemic to turn me on to CBD products for alleviating my chronic pain. When NYC was locked down and I couldn’t visit my Chiropractor, PT or Massage Therapist for the hands-on, muscle manipulation I need,  I discovered how topical products infused with natural hemp-derived CBD could work quickly and effectively to relieve my joint pain. Now, I don’t know how I lived without them. If you’re curious about using CBD for better health, but not sure where to start, let me tell you about Keoni CBD. This Kentucky-based wellness brand recently sent me a selection of their most popular products, which I’ve been using for a few weeks now. I am honestly thrilled with the results and excited to review Keoni CBD for The ‘Gig!

Keoni is a homegrown midwestern company whose employees, from the farmers and field workers to the scientists and administrators, share the goal of providing customers with relief, and thus enhancing their quality of life. Keoni understands CBD from seed to tincture, but in addition to making CBD products, they use them as well.  Spreading relief is the vision Keoni embraces, and they do so with a formula that’s 100% all-natural and safe to use.

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Keoni CBD Gummies

Gummies are a terrific way to get acquainted with the positive effects of CBD. You have likely heard of CBD Gummies from your enthusiastic pothead friends, but please don’t confuse THC-laden gummies — which can produce a profound high or ‘altered state’ — with THC-free, hemp-derived CBD gummies which produce no high. Keoni CBD gummies are anti-inflammatory and antioxidant to heighten a person’s immunity. They can help fight chronic back and joint pains and reduce the intensity and frequency of migraines.

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Unlike the CBD gummies I have used previously, Keoni CBD Gummies are coated with finely granulated sugar, which blends well with their enjoyably tart, fruity taste. They are also free of the ‘grassy’ taste that can make some gummies bitter, and have a comparatively softer bite  (which I appreciate). I really love Keoni gummies for the feeling of calm, relaxation and mental clarity they bring about. Keoni CBD Gummies contain 25 mg of CBD per gummie, so they are an ideal way to get your recommended 40+ mg daily.

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Keoni also makes Sleep Gummies, which are a godsend for anyone who suffers from the fractured sleep that comes with menopause and even recovery from Covid. Supplemental ingredients include chamomile, melatonin, and lemon balm, which are popular, all-natural sleep aids. I take one of these soft, fruity gummies an hour before bedtime and I drift off to sleep like a baby. All Keoni CBD Gummies should be kept refrigerated once the package is opened.

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If you suffer from any type of muscle pain, Keoni Joint and Muscle Relief & Recover Roll-on Gel is going to be for you. In 2016, I had surgery on my left hand for the relief tenosynovitis in my thumb and long finger. The surgery was successful but in the past year I have felt the onset of minor arthritic pain in my left thumb. This roll-on gel is very effective in relieving that joint pain, and I appreciate that the ball applicator concentrates the gel on the pain point while avoiding the mess of getting it on your hands.

This ‘cool mint’ gel will give you a pleasantly cool and tingly feeling wherever you apply it, which dissipates as the pain recedes. I also like to roll it along my jawline and behind my ear for relief of the pain associated with TMJ.

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Keoni Instant Cooling Pain Relief Spray provides the same cooling effect and quick, long-lasting pain relief  as the roll-on gel, but in a spray delivery, which is good if you need to cover a larger area, such as your lower back. The spray absorbs quickly into the skin.

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Keoni’s Full Spectrum Hemp Oil comes from the hemp plant and contains other cannabinoids in addition to CBD. This includes terpenes, essential vitamins, proteins, fatty acids, as well as trace amounts of THC (though not enough to induce a high) and other naturally occurring elements from the hemp plant. This oil has a pleasant, light mint  flavor and works very quickly. It should be noted that the 1000 mg on the label refers to the entire contents of the bottle. The recommend daily dose of one full dropper taken sublingually is approximately 33 mg (for a 30-dose container).  I like to take this in the morning before I have my coffee to feel calm and focused all morning.

Having tried all of the products reviewed in this post, I can enthusiastically recommend them.  You can learn more about Keoni CBD products, and shop online for the full line,  at This Link.   Save 20% on your first order when you  sign-up for their email list.

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