5 Effective Ways to Enjoy Your Cannabis

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Recently, cannabis has become a go-to medication for alleviating an assortment of physical and mental ailments, but the substance is still used by most for pleasure and to enhance life experiences. Back in the day, cannabis was propagated by the media and public as an illegal drug, with most users being mistakenly perceived as being lazy because of its drowsy-making effects. However, there has been a recent paradigm shift.

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The number of companies and stores that now deal with cannabis products is countless, and huge revenue streams are earned from these endeavors. The benefits of using the cannabis are well-documented, and it is increasingly consumed and marketed in different forms for improving mood, and reducing pain, anxiety, and stress. Some consume the substance for medical reasons, and others for recreational reasons.

There are thousands of cannabis products, leaving different forms of consuming the substance. The compound is sold in vape pens, creams, oils, resin, drinks, food, etc. We’ve put together five effective ways to consume cannabis and make the most of your investment.

1.    Dabbing It

For those who are unfamiliar, dabbing is a method of consuming cannabis that involves using a dab rig – which is like a bong, but with a few key differences. First, dab rigs typically have a nail instead of a bowl. The nail is heated to a high temperature, and then the cannabis concentrate is placed on the nail. The heat vaporizes the concentrate, and the user inhales the vapor. Dabbing is an extremely efficient way to consume cannabis, as a small amount of concentrate can produce a strong effect. Additionally, dabbing allows users to enjoy the unique flavor profiles of different cannabis strains. You can look at grasscity.com to learn more about certain types of dab rigs and the way they work. If you’re looking for a new way to consume cannabis, dabbing is worth checking out!

2. Vaping It

Vaping is of two methods – tabletop or portable. The portable vapes are made with a rechargeable battery, like electronic cigars, with a narrow hole for dragging in the shape of a pen. The tabletop type is a plug-in and use model. The device is plugged into a socket and can be made of wood or plastic, with holes to inhale the smoke, round volcano metal bases, and a bag to hold the vapor. You can vape by applying heat, generated by an electric coil, to consume the cannabis in the holding chamber.  The heat created by the vape pen is strong enough to ignite the plant, which is inhaled after it changes to vapor or oil. Consuming cannabis with a vape pen enables you to control the amount of heat and the quantity of cannabis you consume daily. You can also set the device to ‘light vapor,’ to reduce the harsh effect of smoke on the lungs.

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3. Applying Topically(Skincare, Creams)

With cannabis now approved for medical use, it’s widely found infused in creams, salves and other skincare products. Cannabis (CBD) creams are effective for aching muscles, and there are myriad products on the market produced to reduce aches and pains. The cream can be applied topically directly to the affected part of the body. The applications of this method range from clearing blemishes to treating minor injuries and reducing the signs of aging. If you want to enjoy cannabis topically, this method is easy and has no adverse effects.

4. Drinking It

Stoners have been known to make drinks out of the plant, and the manufacturing industry has tapped into that idea, producing different infused drinks that claim to improve overall health. Homemade drinks are also an option, but the substance doesn’t make it easy. Mixing cannabis with beverages can be challenging due to the soluble fat in the plant. However, there are ways of making a drink with cannabis when using a CBD tincture, such as adding it to tea, juice, water, alcohol, and coffee. Cannabis tea is reported to be the healthiest way to consume it as a liquid, as it preserves the full potency of vitamins, antioxidants, and nutrients in the plant.

5. Eating It

Eating is another option for those who don’t like smoking. The cannabis market has created a wide range of edible products from the compound, such as cakes, cookies, gummies, and candies. The edibles are portable, discreet, and tasty. However, it takes a long time before the edible begins to kick in, and you can’t measure the cannabis dosage. An upside is that the products can be carried around as sweets, which contain the full cannabis spectrum, and have no adverse effects on the body.

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