Pink Thing of The Day: Pink Pig Squeezy Bubbles

pig squeezy bubbles photo by gail worley
Photos By Gail

Kids love blowing bubbles, that much we know.  When I was a kid, I also enjoyed this fun pastime, although back then bubble liquid  came in plain plastic bottles (yawn, so boring) and not an insanely cute bottle shaped like a Pig. Life is not fair.

Squeezy Bubbles, as this product is known, is not just adorable; it also features a mess-free design where the bubble wand pops up when you “take off the hat and squeeze the tummy of your animal friend.” Finally, kids don’t have to get their tiny fingers messy by digging around for the wand in the soapy goo. Clever! While I think we can agree that this little Piggie delivers on the maximum cuteness factor, Squeezy Bubbles is available from Kikkerland Design as a Monkey or Tiger as well. If you love being surprised (or disappointed depending on how you look at it), the one you will end up with is totally random when you purchase Squeezy Bubbles for just  $5 at This Link.

squeezy bubbles display photo by gail worley

Photographed at NY Now

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