Steamed Hamzig: Simpsons / Danzig Mash Up T Shirt

steamed hams design

Don’t you love a good mash-up? I sure do. This T shirt makes the most sense if you are a hardcore fan of The Simpsons and recall episode 21 of season 7, entitled 22 Short Films About Springfield.  It’s in this episode that Principal Skinner utters a line about “Steamed Hams”  — thus the inclusion of Skinner-as-Glenn Danzig AKA Hamzig. Meta(l)!

steamed hamzig long sleeve tshirt
Look: Long Sleeves!

Steamed Hamzig, a design by Groobz Bros, comes in both long and short-sleeved styles as well as hoodies, masks, tote bags and more.
100% of the designer’s cut of sales will be donated to Ukrainian relief and military charities. Order this design on a variety of swag at This Link! Prices start at just $24.95 for short-sleeved Ts! Bargain!

steamed hamzig short sleeve tshirt

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