El Salvador 2022: Five Best Spots to Visit

el salvador volcano

Magical Central America attracts many tourists with its beauty and wide variety of excursions. Of course, most people choose to visit Panama, Costa Rica or Honduras , but what if we dig deeper? Today we will talk about the wonderful country of El Salvador, which attracts experienced tourists and can be an interesting discovery for you.

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El Salvador is one of the most comfortable countries in Central America for travel. It is quite small and its local currency is dollars – very convenient  for tourists . Moreover, El Salvador is very disposed to the use of digital currencies. According to buidlbee, despite the dominance of US Dollars as a payment method, the popularity of cryptocurrencies is growing every day. Therefore, starting from 2021 in El Salvador,  you will be able to pay for your goods and services with cryptocurrency.

Unlike Guatemala, where you have to move from one location to another with a crowd of other tourists, there are very few tourists in El Salvador, so you can move about free and easy, and  locals treat visitors very kindly.

surfing in sunzal
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Surfing in Sunzal – A Prime Attraction

The coast of El Salvador is a typical hangout for surfers. Sunzal is a village located very close to El Tunco. Surfers say that they adore this place and sometimes come here for 2-3 months for surfing. For those who do not  surf, there’s plenty of other entertainment here. For example, the waterfalls of Las Tamanices can be reached by bus, but be careful, there are frequent cases of tourists being robbed along this way. A 10–minute drive in the other direction is the capital of the department – the port town of La Libertad. Tourists say that here you can eat delicious and high-quality seafood on the cheap.

la ruta de las flores
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La Ruta de las Flores

Another great recommendation from travelers is La Ruta de las Flores. Welcome to the safest neighborhood in El Salvador! Here you will find coffee plantations, volcanic soils and picturesque flowering  local plants. If you’d like to enjoy gastro tourism in El Salvador, this is the place, because there’s a food festival here on the weekend! It’s also here that fairs are held, where you can eat more delicious local foods and buy cool souvenirs!

volcanic lake in santa ana el salvador
Volcanic Lake in Santa Ana, El Salvador Photo by Pexels.com

Santa Ana Volcano

This volcano is located in the city of Santa Ana, and is a highlight of a city that’s otherwise quite typical.  To climb the volcano, you need to buy a ticket and join a tour group. Traveling to the top takes about an hour and a half, though the time will pass quickly, because it’s insanely beautiful there, and nature is very picturesque. On the way to the volcano, which is located outside the city, you can see the beautiful Lake Coatepec,  another tourist recommendation. Be advised though that there’s also a low-level of security in this area, so be careful.

city of san salvador
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San Salvador

San Salvador is the capital of El Salvador, and tourists report that there’s lots to see here. Visit the city center to admire the magnificent cathedral and the adjacent square , where delicious local foods are sold, allowing you to  immerse yourself in the atmosphere of El Salvador. Also, be sure to check out the Planes de Renderos observation deck, from which you can also admire the beauty of the city and have a snack. For the kids, there’s The Little Prince Theme Park, which you should definitely visit.

suchitoto el salvador
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The city of Suchitoto is much safer, cozy and simple. A lot of Salvadoran tourists come there to take a break from the hustle and crowding of big cities. There’s a very beautiful artificial lake here, and locals like to relax, eat and enjoy life. If you want to relax and unwind, come here, where they will pour you rum tincture and will not let you get bored!

We recommend these 5 places to visit in El Salvador. Travel wisely and always keep your safety in mind. Let your travel bring joy and positivity, delight and wonderful memories!

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