Product Review: Blackberry No. 1 Type O Negative CBD Tincture

blackberry no 1 cbd tincture type o negative
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Do you like the gothic metal band Type O Negative? I sure do. Back when I was still writing about music, I saw Type O perform many times in venues ranging from the intimate CBGB to the historic Roseland Ballroom. Their shows were always so much fun and totally amazing. I also had the chance to interview three of the four band-members including Johnny Kelly, whose interview launched my 13-year gig writing for Modern Drummer, bassist Josh Silver (who I wish I’d been better prepared for, because, man, was he a character-builder), and the late, great Peter Steele, who answered all of my questions including those about his infamous 1995 Playgirl magazine spread. Those were good times, for sure.

While the band officially dissolved with Pete’s untimely death in 2010 at the age of just 48, their music and legacy live on! In honor of the band’s recent 30-year anniversary, Type O Negative has partnered with Whole Organix — a company known for its premium quality CBD products —  for a new, signature CBD tincture appropriately named Blackberry No. 1.   Formulated  especially for the Brooklyn goth metal masters, the red-tinged tincture is the first product in Whole Organix‘ new line of artist-branded labels.

blackberry no 1 cbd tincture type o negative band

I feel extremely  fortunate to have snagged a bottle of Blackberry No. 1 to review for you today, because CBD products have been part of my self-care routine since the beginning of the 2020 Covid lockdown.  I am 100% sold on CBD’s effectiveness for pain relief and better sleep, so this is a type of product that I’m personally familiar with, and feel very well-informed about.  Here is my experience using Blackberry No 1. CBD tincture.

blackberry no 1 cbd oil in vial photo by gai worley
Photo By Gail

First of all, Blackberry No. 1 is a full-spectrum CBD product that contains all the beneficial compounds naturally found in the cannabis plant, including trace amounts of THC — but not enough to produce a high, and the product is perfectly legal. As you can see by the above photo, it really is a lovely blood-red color — which is fun — and does boast a fruity, lightly sweet blackberry taste, with the mildly-grassy under-taste expected with an authentic hemp product.  Each bottle contain 3000 mg total of CBD, divided into thirty 100-milligram servings, which equals one full dropper.

If you’ve never used CBD oil before, you may want start out with a half dropper full, taken once per day, placed under the tongue and held in the mouth for 60 seconds before swallowing.  Increase the dosage the next day and see how you feel. I’ve been using Blackberry No. 1 as-needed in place of Advil and find it works as well as any full spectrum CBD oil I’ve used. I must admit though  that the taste is far superior to other brands. I really like it!

Fans whose orders include the first 1,000 vials of a limited Vol 1 offering receive an exclusive numbered Certificate of Authenticity card and the band-branded packaging seen in this review. Blackberry No. 1 is available now and can be ordered directly from Whole Organix at This Link.

blackberry no 1 cbd tincture type o negative bottles
She’s Got a Date at Midnight, With Nosferatu. . .

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