Pink Thing Of The Day: I Remember Way Back When By Tiff Massey

i remember way back when photo by gail worley
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The role that adornment plays in identity formation is central to Tiff Massey’s multimedia artistic practice. I Remember Way Back When  was included in her 2019 exhibition, Proud Lady, which explored black women’s lives through artworks centered on hair.

i remember way back when 1 photo by gail worley
Work Detail

This work features Goody Snap-Tight Kiddie Barrettes, worn in various ways by children of all backgrounds, particularly in the 1980s. Reimagined as large wooden wall hangings, they occupy a space on par with their importance in a child’s imagination. Familial care, friendship, love, and joy are embodied in these simple hair decorations.

Photographed in the Museum of Arts of and Design in Manhattan.

i remember way back when 2 photo by gail worley

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