Modern Art Monday Presents: Study For June 2, 2018 By Fred Tomaselli

study for june 2 by fred tomaselli photo by gail worley
Photo By Gail

American artist Fred Tomaselli’s works frequently combine bold graphic forms or intricate patterns with detritus from popular culture, nature, and mass media. His materials include pills and drugs, butterfly wings, and, as in Study for June 2, 2018 (2018), fragments of magazines and newspapers. Tessellating images like the tiles of a mosaic, Tomaselli uses resin and other binding agents to create a flat, unified panel surface.

By allowing the noise of the world to erupt into the highly-composed spaces of his pictures,  Tomaselli cuts against abstraction’s supposed universality, asserting its origin in particular – and fleeting – spaces and times.

in 1989, Tomaselli made Remedy, and homage to Barnett Newman’s The Wild. Using materials from the frame shop where he then worked, he built a tall, thin picture frame that contains a year’s worth of aspirin tablets, stacked one on top of another

Photographed in The Jewish Museum in Manhattan.

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