Shark Attack Truck Toy!

shark toy truck photo by gail worley
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I don’t know about you, but if I was a kid who loves sharks, I would be all over this Shark-Shaped Toy Monster Truck and accompanying Shark Dude Action Figure. This toy’s full name Stretch and Strike Thrash Mobile (impressive) and it’s part of the Heroes of Goo Jit Zu action toys series. If you think it just looks cool, check out this description:

shark toy truck photo by gail worley

Get ready to roll into the action with Thrash and his awesome “Stretch And Strike” Thrash Mobile! This shark-shaped vehicle has two amazing modes! Push down to stretch the wheels out and move along in “Speed Mode” or pull up the chassis and launch an attack in “Strike Mode” and launch missiles from the shark jaws! With “Monster Truck” looks and an attitude to match, this Goo Jit Zu battle machine will have villains shaking in their Gooey boots! Included with the Thrash Mobile is an Exclusive Race Suit Thrash figure! Place him in the Driver’s Seat and roll out some squishy damage! Still Super Stretchy as ever, Thrash can stretch up to 3 times his usual size! Then watch as he goes back to his original shape and size. The Goo Jit Zu “Stretch And Strike” Thrash Mobile comes with 3 Missiles that sit in the Doors and the Launcher.

Holy Shark Attack! I am exhausted just from reading about all of that hot sharky action!

shark toy truck rear of box photo by gail worley

I saw this toy at TJ Maxx, but if you don’t want to leave the house you can pick one up on Amazon at This Link.

shark toy truck photo by gail worley

Comin’ ta Git Ya!

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