Favorite Art From The Affordable Art Fair, Fall 2023

art by betsy enzensburger photo by gail worley
Original Melting Pops Plus Blinged-Out Mix Tapes By Betsy Enzensberger, at Art Unified of Venice, CA (Photos By Gail)

Welcome at last to my much-anticipated photo recap of NYC’s 2023 Affordable Art Fair, Fall Edition! While the event took place back in September, we’ve been busy curating all the best photos for you to savor in the crisp days of October. This fall’s fair was a testament to the enduring allure of this unique art marketplace, offering a vibrant and diverse array of creative expressions that will surely captivate your imagination without putting you in the poorhouse.

fish sauce for your soul by nessa nguyen photo by gail worley
Fish Sauce For Your Soul By Nessa Nguyen at Artbean Coffee 

As always, the AAF was a bustling hub of artistic energy, where both seasoned collectors and budding art enthusiasts came together to celebrate the power of art. From favorite artists whose work we’ve grown to adore over the years to exciting new discoveries, this virtual tour will attempt to encapsulate the essence of the event, bringing to life the kaleidoscope of colors and inspiration that filled the two-floor exhibition space at the Metropolitan Pavilion.

art by marc quinn gavin turk and sarah morris at manifold editions photo by gail worley
Art by Marc Quinn, Gavin Turk and Sarah Morris at Manifold EditionsLondon 

Prepare to be enchanted by a diverse range of works spanning various styles and mediums, from paintings to sculptures and everything in between.

art by ross bonfanti photo by gail worley
Balancing Act c857 By Ross Bonfanti: $7550 at Rebecca Hosack Art Gallery, London

fara thomas lollipop series at azart gallery photo by gail worley
Fara Thomas’ Lollipops Series: $3,000 at Azart Gallery, New York

Colorful geometrics are always an attention-grabber.

art by linling lu at arting gallery photo by gail worley

These works of acrylic on shaped canvases by artist Linling Lu were spotted in the booth for Arting Gallery of Baltimore. Very fun!

toyin loye lady photo by gail worley

Nigerian artist Toyin Loye uses aluminum cut-outs of geometric shapes to represent the thoughts inside the head of this Lady ($5,000 at Chiefs and Spirits, The Netherlands).

art by mookntaka photo by gail worley

For something truly whimsical and unique,  sculptures like Mellll ($1800), comprised of mini inflatables combined with hand-sculpted papier-mâché from artist duo MooknTaka (at Arts Gowanus, Brooklyn) were a hit of the show — and especially popular with the younger art fans !

myung nam an eye series ceramics at cube gallery photo by gail worley

Artist Myung Nam An’s Eye Series ceramics always remind me of colorful spiny sea urchins. They’re priced from $550 to $2600 each, according to size, from Cube Gallery in London.

myung nam an eye series ceramics at cube gallery photo by gail worley

murakami dob octopus photo by gail worley

The Lurie Gallery of Park City, Utah is where I found this fantastic Murakami DoB  / Octopus sculpture, which they were selling for the bargain price $4,000. Sigh. So cool.

palma arte booth photo by gail worley

Stand-out works  spotted in Italy’s Palma Arte Booth include Cherry, a sculpture by Giorgo Laveri, and Enrico Pazzoni’s Identity Loss, both priced at $3,500.

cristina vergano eye series photo by gail worley

New York-based artist Cristina Vergano blurs the line between painting and sculpture a bit with her modern surrealist works featuring hyper-realist depictions of the human eye. Her entire eye series — priced between $800 and  $1750 each — sold out completely on the first night of the show!  Cristina is represented by Leonard Tourne Gallery in NYC.

sarah rahanjam plate series photo by gail worley

Sarah Rahanjam is a Persian fine artist whose plate series sculptures  are both fun and provocative. This piece is $1500 from High Priestess Project.

art unified booth view photo by gail worley

Fans of Pop Art can find a lot to love at Art Unified Gallery in Venice, California. Besides giving lots of love to the one of our favorite artists, Original Melting Pops sculptress, Betsy Enzensberger (most works under $500), they also represent Corey Paige, whose Smiley Face resin works ($1,850 each) can be seen propped against the wall, and thick-paint artist Mojo. Do some holiday gift art shopping here!

betsy enzensberger sculptures photo by gail worley
More Collectible Sculptures By Betsy Enzensberger

coca cola christ photo by gail worley

Someone else who loves to work in resin is artist Alben, who’s always doing something new with the medium. Coca Cola Christ ($2,900) embeds red Coke bottle caps in a clear resin figure of our Lord and Savior for a definitive statement piece for your home. At Nicolas Auvrey Gallery for Galerie l’Atelier, New York.

bubble yum by kiki aranita photo by gail worley

If you like the color pink, you’ll love this sewn-on-canvas work called Bubble Yum by Kiki Aranita. Find at New York’s Treat Gallery for $3,990. Tactile!

high priestess booth photo by gail worley

Let’s move on now to explore a variety of paintings, drawings and works on paper in both abstract and realist styles where you’ll find something to suit (almost) every taste.

cherie harte they loved photo by gail worley

Coincidentally, Cherie Harte’s They Loved ($3,600 at Spence Gallery) reminds very much of my friends Cristina and Eric (her hair really is that color) who just got married this past summer. I love it.

dissected warhol by sanuj burla photo by gail worley

If you’re going to appropriate, find an original approach, like this Dissected Warhol by Sanuj Burla ($2,800 at Studio3, Mumbai, India).

for 100% yo pink by denis ouch photo by gail worley

You can spot the essence of artist Denis Ouch’s street art background in this vibrant work called For 100% Yo (Pink), selling for $4,800 at 1 Dutch Projects, New York.

iris by alea pinar du pre photo by gail worley

Over at NYC’s Fremin Gallery, artist Alea Pinar du Pre creates optical illusions with her work, Iris ($12,000) by using cake piping and relief paste without the manipulation of the digital image.  Pretty wild!

purple hat series twilight 1 by chervine photo by gail worley

Purple Hat is limited series of pigment prints by photographer Chervine, which is priced according to the print size. A framed 12 x 18 inch print will set you back $1,400, at Emmanuelle G. Contemporary in Connecticut.

creason fine art booth photo by gail worley
Artist Greg Creason of Creason’s Fine Art, New Orleans

Of course, it can be argued that not all of the best art is on the walls.

abstract art by alex voinea photo boy gail worley

I love these small abstract paintings by Alex Voinea, with their tiny vortexes of swirling color. These are super affordable at just $290 each, from i le gallery, based in Catalunya, Spain.

free of all persistent passion by zhou hongbin photo by gail worley

I love this piece so much I didn’t even want to crop it! Free of All Persistent Passion, an archival print under acrylic glass, is by Zhou Hongbin. Priced at $5,400 at Michele Mariaud Gallery in NYC. I find it breathtakingly beautiful.

interiors by vanessa smith photo by gail worley

No one would say that these paintings of desolate interiors by Vanessa Smith don’t encourage imaginative extrapolation. These are priced at $2,300 each from TAG Fine Arts, London.

opus lenticular print photo by gail worley

Here’s conversation starter for you: Opus, a 3D lenticular print of $100 Bills, by Josephine W.H. is available at Able Fine Art of NY for $8,000.

cherry filled by brian burt photo by gail worley

Let’s wrap up the recap with some sweet things, like this flawless rendition of a Cherry Filled donut by Brian Burt. Just $420 at JJ Gallows Studios of New York. Yummy.

spin the bottles by amanda coelho phot by gail worley

People of a certain age might get nostalgic looking at Spin the Bottles by Amanda Coelho, depicting tiny wax bottles filled with sweet syrup that I can recall buying at the candy store as a kid. These childhood memories can be yours for $1,000 from Alida Anderson Art Projects in DC.

daisy macaron duo by jennifer kahn barlow photo by gail worley

Also found at Alida Anderson is Daisy Macaron Duo by Jennifer Kahn  Barlow, priced at $800. So clever.

Thanks Affordable Art Fair! See You Next Spring!

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