6 Common Causes of Motorcycle Accidents

motorcycle accident
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When we take a look at how motorcyclists are the most susceptible to fatalities due to accidents, one eye-opening statistic comes to mind. It states that motorcyclists are 26 times more likely to die in a crash than any other vehicle driver. This is certainly alarming.

Being statistically dangerous to operate, motorcycles are vehicles that should be driven with the utmost precaution and awareness. However, no matter how cautious a person is, there is always a chance to find themselves involved in an accident or crash due to the negligence of the other party involved.

When a person finds themselves involved in a motorcycle crash, they should immediately seek medical care. Also, after a motorcycle crash, it is important to contact a motorcycle accident lawyer promptly so they can assist in claiming settlements and taking the case to trial, if necessary.

The 6 most common causes of motorcycle accidents are:

Alcohol Use

Did you know that around 27% – which is more than a quarter – of motorcycle accidents that happen are alcohol-involved accidents? Alcohol consumption impairs one’s judgment while driving, and coupling it with the vulnerability of a motorcycle – it’s a scary recipe.

Lane Switching

There are a couple of things, in particular, while lane switching, that need to be given utmost attention on the road. Negligence on the part of the driver leads to most lane-switching motorcycle accidents.

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More often than not, for cars changing lanes, a motorcycle rider might be just behind them and in their blind spot, which makes it a likely occasion for an accident. Switching lanes without giving appropriate signals and driving too close to other vehicles is not safe and should not be practiced.

Left Turning Vehicles

One of the leading causes of motorcycle collisions is accidents caused by left-turning vehicles. They occur when a car tries to take a left turn at an intersection and fails to notice a motorcyclist coming from behind. As a result, the more vulnerable motorcyclist has a high chance of serious injury, if not fatality.

Defective Parts

Faulty parts are one of the most common reasons for motorcycle accidents. Driving a motorcycle with defective parts is next to impossible. Motorcycle manufacturers and mechanics can be held liable for the accident if the accident was caused by a defective part.

Unexpected Door Opening of Another Vehicle

A motorcyclist was trying to make their way through the side of the road where a dozen cars were parked, and bam! The motorcyclist crashes into the door of the car that just opened. This happens more frequently than you think. The best way to avoid this is to not drive through areas where cars are parked.

Crossing Speed Limits

Speed thrills but kills. The heightened thrills of riding a motorcycle at excessive speeds lead to countless fatalities every year. It is no surprise that more than a third – 34% – of motorcycle fatalities are due to excessive speeding. While driving at high speeds, a motorcycle, by nature, will start experiencing decreased control. This ultimately leads to a much higher crash force and has a fatal impact on the motorcyclist.

Final Thoughts

Human life is precious as it is and shouldn’t be neglected for moments of thrill. Driving responsibly should be our aim every time we are in the driver’s seat of our car or motorcycle. Nonetheless, seeking medical attention and contacting a motorcycle accident lawyer are essential if you ever get involved in an accident.

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