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6 Common Causes of Motorcycle Accidents

motorcycle accident
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When we take a look at how motorcyclists are the most susceptible to fatalities due to accidents, one eye-opening statistic comes to mind. It states that motorcyclists are 26 times more likely to die in a crash than any other vehicle driver. This is certainly alarming.
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The Art of Motorcycle Design

motorcycle design article
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Since the first motorcycle appeared in the 19th century, they have gone through various transformations regarding design; but for many years, motorcycles were nearly indistinguishable from each other to a casual rider. That changed in the mid-70s, when the Japanese motorcycle manufacturers employed industrial designers to create something unconventional and attract new buyers.

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Pink Thing of The Day: Pink Baseball Cap with Pig Ears

pink pig hat photo by gail worley
Photo By Gail

A smiling pig riding a motorcycle adorns the front of this eye-catching Hot Pink Baseball Cap that comes complete with a set of fuzzy pink pig ears! I spotted this unusual (and yet, appropriate) cap on the head of a fellow-reveler at the Great Big Bacon Picnic a few years back, and I found again it in my archives whilst trawling for photos of Pink Things! My guess is the pig is the mascot of a local motorcycle-enthusiasts club, and it has something to do with being a “hog on a hog.” Or something similar.

Headline of The Day: Implied Gayness with Zac Efron!

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“Zac Efron’s Leather Daddy Date with Tom Cruise and Other Gay-Seeming Things”

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