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Video Clip of The Week: Kula Shaker, “Drink Tea (For the Love of God)”

This week we break from tradition a bit by, rather than featuring a new video clip, reaching back into the archives for a clip from Christmas 2007, from the late, great UK band, Kula Shaker. We discovered the fantastic clip, “Drink Tea (For the Love of God)” while effing around with friends on You Tube at 3 O’clock in the morning a few Saturdays ago. This anthemic song brings a pro-brewed tea drinking message to Monty Python-esque animation, and Kula Shaker’s signature psychedelic rock feel. Enjoy! And have some tea!

Kula Shaker Band 2007
Kula Shaker Circa 2007

Pink Thing of The Day: Kurage-Bo!

Kurage Bo
Photo By Gail

This little pink cutie is Kurage-Bo (translation: Jellyfish Boy), a main character in visual artist Takashi Murakmi’s directorial film debut, Jellyfish Eyes. The film mixes live action with cartoon animation and Kurage-Bo is one of the lead animated heroes of the film, which I saw at a screening a few weeks ago.

Video Clip of the Week: “Lucky” By Jolly

Two Words: Toy Robot! At a time when absolutely nothing original is happening in Music, NY based synth pop/rock quartet Jolly have miraculously delivered the most original DIY music video I’ve seen in 30 years! Created by the band themselves with only a cardboard box, construction paper and the aforementioned toy robot, “Lucky” is the fourth video from the album The Audio Guide To Happiness ll, out now on InsideOut Music. Continue reading Video Clip of the Week: “Lucky” By Jolly

Video Animation for Led Zeppelin’s Kashmir

kashmir from Steve Scott on Vimeo.

If the Link Above Broken, Click Here to check out this video of some trippy Animation created to accompany Led Zeppelin’s “Kashmir.” Created by London-Based artist Steve Scott. I wish I was high right now.

kashmir graphics