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Location of Oscar The Grouch’s Garbage Bin Home, Revealed!

Oscar The Grouch
Photo By Gail

It’s Official: Oscar The Grouch Lives in a Garbage Bin on West 17th Street just East of 10th Avenue, which is owned by Artichoke Pizza.

Led Zeppole: A Whole Lotta Fried Dough

Led Zeppole

Anyone traveling across town on east 14th street at any time of the day or night will surely notice the crowd swell and line-down-the-block that stretches outside of the ridiculously popular storefront pizza joint, Artichoke Pizza. I haven’t actually eaten any pizza from Artichoke yet, because I can’t get my head around standing in line for five hours to get a slice of fucking pizza. But eventually I’m sure I’ll get around to tasting what is rumored and hyped-up-the-ass to be the best pizza on planet Earth.  The same folks who run Artichoke are now expanding their plan for world snack food domination by opening the oh-so-cleverly named Led Zeppole: a dessert counter inspired by the sinfully fattening sweets you find at Coney Island and the Feast of San Gennaro (who I believe is Catholicism’s Patron Saint of Fried Dough). The specialty treat at Led Zeppole is obviously going to be the zeppole – a deep fried dough ball doused in powdered sugar, so delish – but they will also supposedly do funnel cakes, Italian ices, fried Oreos and fried ice cream. Fuckin A, I need a bigger dress size just to type this post. As far as I know the shop is not yet open, but is in the any-second-now mode. Any man-on-the-street reports about Led Zeppole’s opening date, please send them my way care of The ‘Gig.

Led Zeppole is located at 328 E 14th Street, West of 1st Avenue in Manhattan.

In somewhat not-really-related news, On This Date, October 32st in 1974: Led Zeppelin officially launched their record label Swan Song with a party at the Chislehurst Caves in the UK, which was attended by the celebs like Bill Wyman and Groucho Marx.

Swan Song
Led Zeppelin!

Note as of August 1, 2012: Led Zeppole Has Closed for Business!!