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Be Freddie Mercury For One Day

“We’ve Got Your Moustache”

On September 5, 2011, late Queen vocalist Freddie Mercury would have celebrated his 65th Birthday. In remembrance of his life, UK-based Global AIDS charity, the Mercury Phoenix Trust is sponsoring the annual charity event, Freddie For a Day. Created by Liz Swanton, Freddie For a Day encourages participants to dress up like Freddie Mercury for a full day and collect sponsorships from friends and co-workers, whose donations then go to support the AIDS education and prevention efforts of the Mercury Phoenix Trust. This HIV AIDS charitable organization was founded in Freddie’s memory after his passing almost 20 years ago. Having spent the majority of my High School years dressed like Freddie, I can say that this event sounds like a lot of fun, and a great way to remember Freddie’s specialness while raising money for a good cause. Plus, who wouldn’t want to rock that moustache?

Find out more about Freddie for Day a Day (FFAD) and how you can participate by visiting This Link!

Thanks to Ivy Vale For The Tip!

Pink Thing of The Day: Peaco Clip On Ugly Doll

This is my Ugly Doll, Peaco. I got her for $7 at Ricky’s on Third Avenue and now she lives in my bag that I take with me everywhere. So if you see me on the street carrying my big black Sephora bag with the skulls all over it, please ask to say Hi to Peaco, because she is very shy, but likes making friends.