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Instagram Photo of the Week: Let’s All Hibernate!

Even though most US residents got one glorious hour of extra sleep last night — which I fully enjoyed — people like to bitch and moan about the return to standard time, because it signals the start of daylight ending at a normal hour (5 PM) instead of some freakish, land-of-the-midnight-sun hour like 9 PM. If you want to avoid darkness so badly, move to Europe and tell me how much you like it when the sun sets at 11 PM and rises at 3 AM, because that shit is fucked up.

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Pink Thing of The Day: Pink As F*ck Coffee Mug!

pink as fuck coffee mug photo by gail worley
Photos By Gail

This week’s Pink Thing happens to be related to another recent Pink Thing, but that is kind of a coincidence. After stumbling upon Pietro Nolita, the charming pink restaurant featured in This Post, I started following them on Instagram and quickly discovered their shop, Pink As Fuck, where they sell this awesome coffee mug! Sells for $25 plus tax and shipping. So worth it!

pink as fuck coffee mug photo my by gail worley
Cheers, Bitches!