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Instagram Post of The Week: Photos From a Fancy Party

In the wake of my two favorite design shows (Salon Art + Design and BDNY) I was invited to attend the opening party for Achille Salvagni Atelier design gallery on Madison Avenue. The luxurious gallery features furniture, lighting and glass works by renowned designers Achille Salvagni and Benoist F. Drut of Maison Gerard placed in a domestic setting to facilitate the experience of living with these  beautiful pieces. Visit Instagram at the link above to enjoy a selection of my photos from this very fun evening, and stay tuned for more featured posts from the Salon Art + Design.

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Emberify: Why Should Freelance Designers Use Instagram?

instagram for designers
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Instagram is a platform that’s used by many businesses for marketing and advertising purposes. The platform lets them grow a client base, and further bolsters their business by drastically promoting their brand to a large audience. Instagram provides various features such as Posts, Reels, and Stories that you can use to create unique content and impress your audience. Instagram Reels, especially, get more reach, which is why creators use them regularly to promote their content. You can also opt to buy instagram likes and views to boost your Reels organically.
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Instagram Photo of The Week: Jack Skellington on a Brownstone

It’s always fun when Halloween falls on a Monday. This means that on both the Saturday and Sunday of the weekend just prior, Halloween enthusiasts are out everywhere in the city;  swarming the sidewalks and lurking in the subways, traveling to bars, parties, parades and other holiday-specific events. In a city famous for people-watching, it makes for people-watching at its finest. You know who else really gets into  the spirit of Halloween? Rich people who own brownstones. This multi-story screen print of Jack Skellington was spotted on the façade of a brownstone on East 91st Street near the park. The car parked curbside, sadly, obscures the other Nightmare Before Christmas characters, of  which the Oogie Boogie was particularly impressive. Happy Halloween, Everyone!

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How To Choose the Best Marketing Platform for Your Start-up

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Start-ups who neglect to use the influence of social media marketing miss out on a powerful marketing technique for customer engagement. A properly executed social media marketing campaign can drive more website traffic, improve search rankings, and increase conversion rates. However, it’s challenging to craft an effective social media strategy because there are many options like Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok, and Facebook—choosing the best platform can be a daunting task. Here are tips to help you select the best marketing platform for your start-up. Continue reading How To Choose the Best Marketing Platform for Your Start-up

5 Ways to Know What Your Children Are Doing on Social Media

mother covering eyes of her children with hands against internet content on digital pad
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Have your children recently created social media accounts, but they don’t really know what they’re doing or how the Internet works? Do you want to know what you could be doing to keep tabs on your children to ensure that they are safe on social media?

These days, children are creating social media accounts at a fairly young age. While this activity could be a great way for them to stay entertained, and keep up with pop culture, many people don’t realize the dangers of social media.
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