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Carl Palmer Drum Solos DVD Review By Gail!

If you are old like me, and remember watching prog rock gods Emerson, Lake & Palmer perform “Karn Evil 9” at the California Jam back in the stone ages (1974), then you’ll also remember that during his infamous extended-dance-re-mix-version of a drum solo, Carl Palmer played part of his kit with his teeth. Rock & Roll! Carl recently released his first instructional drum DVD entitled Carl Palmer: Drum Solos, where you can see that very solo played back at four different speeds, and my review of that DVD is up now at Ink19 Dot Com!

Happy Birthday, Carl Palmer!

Carl Palmer Kit 1974
Carl Palmer on His Massive Kit, Circa 1974 (Image Source)

Carl Palmer, drummer for Emerson, Lake & Palmer and Asia was born on this day March 20th, in 1950. Carl has a new instructional DVD out called Carl Palmer, Drum Solos which features a note-for-note transcription of the entire “Karn Evil 9” drum solo from the 1974 California Jam concert, so you know I’m looking forward to reviewing that for The Gig in upcoming weeks. Happy Birthday, Carl!

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Rock Star Quotes

Kiss was the first [big] band for me. A couple of my friends had the Kiss Alive albums and I’d listen to the drum solos and think, ‘Oh, that’s untouchable! Oh my god, Peter Criss!’ So, yeah, that was huge.”

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