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Pink Thing of The Day: Pink Snow!

pink snow photo by gail worley
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When Winter Storm Gail hit the tri-state area in mid-December, people joked with me that the storm would surely bring with it some Pink Snow — because it shared my name, and everyone knows how much I love anything pink. Well, surprise (or not) — while exploring the neighborhood on the morning after the storm, I actually encountered Pink Snow!

pink snow on ave b photo by gail worley

The mysterious pink slush (which is what it had become by this point in the day) was found at the intersection of Avenue B and 9th Street, adjacent to a highly-trafficked bodega. I have no idea where the pink color came from, but I am glad I was lucky enough to document it before it melted and swirled down into the sewer and out to sea!

pink snow on ave b photo by gail worley
Pink Snow, Bitches!

Gail Art

Meat Someone by Douglas Kolk (Click Image to Enlarge)

Geoffrey took this picture (with his hand) at the recent Armory Art Show. It has my name on it, so he sent it over to me for bloggishness. What a pal. You can see why I love him so very, very much.

People Who Can’t Spell Provide the #1 Search Phrase on Worleygig.com!

I'm With Stupid T Shirt

For the past week, the Number One Search Phrase on the Worleygig.com stats page is “Paris Hilton in Gail” followed closely by “Paris Hilton and Gail” and is “Why is Paris Hilton in Gail” (why indeed?). When I first noticed this phenomenon I wondered to myself if Paris Hilton has a famous friend named Gail or if the populace had just gotten wind of a previous blog I posted about LA Rock band The Exies’ campaign to get that heiress of questionable mental capacity thrown in jail. Then I experienced an epiphany: obviously there is a whole population of morons with the knowledge of how to use Google who think that the word “jail” is spelled with a ‘g’ rather than a ‘j’! Exciting! Thanks to all you idiots out there for pumping up traffic to the site! Keep on keepin’ on!