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Celebrate Gail’s Birthday With This Misery Bear Video!

This hilarious video of the misadventures of little Misery Bear (so cute!) reflects the exact opposite spectrum of feelings that I feel today! Because today is my Birthday! Happy Birthday to Me! Please enjoy the day!

Federal Government Declares Holiday In Honor of Gail’s Birthday!

The Two Gs Celebrate Gail’s Birthday!

Hey, Bitches! Today, February 15th, is my Birthday, but it’s also a National holiday (Presidents Day). Enjoy your day off! I’m going to celebrate by sitting at home all day fucking around on the Internet, and then I’m going out later with friends to eat a delicious steak. Birthday!

It’s My Birthday, Motherf*ckers!

I officially turn one hundred million billion years old today (February 15th), and yet I still look so awesome! I can’t believe how much I rule. I will be spending my special day having rad birthday fun that includes visiting the Anonymous Gallery in Soho with Geoffrey, dining at Todai with the gang, then heading out to see the amazing Bigelf rock our faces off at the Mercury Lounge later tonight! Happy Birthday to me!!

Happy Birthday to Meeeeee!

Happy DethBirthday To Me

Dethklok’s Nathan Explosion Sends Me Birthday Greetings!

Direct linkhttp://www.justsayhi.com/bb/death

Alice Cooper Band Release Billion Dollar Babies

Alice Cooper Billion Dollar Babies Cover
I Think I Got a Live One

On This Day, February 25th, in 1973: The band called Alice Cooper released its sixth studio album and pivotal, glam rock opus, Billion Dollar Babies.

Billion Dollar Babies Album Gatefiold