Federal Government Declares Holiday In Honor of Gail’s Birthday!

The Two Gs Celebrate Gail’s Birthday!

Hey, Bitches! Today, February 15th, is my Birthday, but it’s also a National holiday (Presidents Day). Enjoy your day off! I’m going to celebrate by sitting at home all day fucking around on the Internet, and then I’m going out later with friends to eat a delicious steak. Birthday!

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  1. I got an email from the other G stating he was in London, had just been mugged, and asking to send him some cash via Western Union. I’m glad to see he’s safe! But he may want to check his computer for spammy viruses.

  2. Happy post-birthday, Gail. Toki is sleeping on my sofa. He won’t leave. Last night he watched “Clean House” and exclaimed “WOWEE!!!”

  3. Happy birthday G!

    Ian, if you are reading this, my facebook and Gmail accounts got hacked and they spammed every single person I’ve ever emailed. SO sorry about that!!!

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