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Happy 10th Birthday, Worleygig.com!

10th Birthday Cake Zebra

Worley Gig Dot Com Celebrates Ten Years of Web Radness Today, June 10th, 2013! While The Gig started out simply as a place to aggregate and archive my laundry list of Rock Star Interviews and other online articles, it has grown through a full decade of web dominance to become one of the most fun and popular Pop Culture websites in the Blogosphere. Just last month we re-launched with a bold new design (we hope you are digging it) and are still in the process of making a few tweaks for your reading enjoyment. Be assured that we will continues to bring you all of the coverage you can possibly stand on Pop Culture, Music, Art, Lifestyle and Pinkness for years to come. While you are reading this, please take a few seconds to Follow Us On Instagram and Thanks for your Readership!

Worley Gig Dot Com Celebrates Seven Years On The Web!

Today We Are Seven

Seven magnificent years ago today, we unleashed the beast that is Worleygig.com – and what a pleasure it has been to serve the global blogging community with our captivating tales of music that does not suck, things made from bacon, pink stuff and ridiculously fun ways to spend your leisure time. Hurray! Worleygig.com is currently enjoying a surge of reader popularity among the Top 50 Blogs worldwide under the categories of Music, Art and Pop Culture in FaceBook’s Networked Blogs Community! Quite an accomplishment considering the vast and formidable competition out there! So thank you, dear reader, for your support, and please continue to rock!

Happy New Year and Thanks for a Great 2008!

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Now that we are nearly at the end of this year, I can only remark that 2008 has been an amazing year of ups and down for The Worley Gig. Between getting hacked numerous times, problems with software, updating the look of the site and a server change that temporarily resulted in the loss of half the site, I also saw record traffic and lots of new commenters! That can only mean word is getting out about what a rad blog this is. So if you’ve become a regular reader of The ‘Gig and have passed our URL on to other friends, thank you so much. I promise that 2009 will be even more rad! Happy New Year and all the best to you for 2009!

Happy Fifth Birthday, Worleygig.com!

Five Years of Radness

Wow, it’s hard to believe that Worleygig.com has been infecting the web with excessive Radness for five whole years as of June 10th, 2008! And yet, it’s true! Thanks to everybody who reads this thing for your support over the past half decade, and please be assured that we will continue to rock the party as best we can for another five decades into the future!