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Cuteness Alert: Hedgehog Santa

Santa Hedgehog

Ah, the seasonally appropriate cuteness of a wee, tiny Hedgehog wearing an even tinier Santa Hat. It is killing me.

Hedgehog One-Liner Wins Funniest Joke Contest

Hedgehog Joke

A panel of critics and comedy fans evaluated thousands of jokes at this year’s Edinburgh Fringe Festival before awarding the Funniest Joke prize to Dan Antopolski, the only comedian with the balls to tell the truth about hedgehogs.

“Hedgehogs – why can’t they just share the hedge?” took home the coveted trophy from the Dave TV Network, with almost 18 percent of viewers choosing the joke as the winner.

Link via Asylum Dot Com

Too Cute to Live: Yoda-Eared Baby Hedgehog


Thanks to Neatorama for the tip, where they are holding a captioning contest for this adorable photo. Head on over and have at it.

Cuteness Alert: Baby Hedgehog

If you are having as weird of a day as I am (between offending the mentally challenged, the vegans and the Gossip Websites, I am not sure who is left for me to unintentionally alienate-slash-incur the wrath of) then you need to look at this picture of a tiny baby hedgehog, take a few deep breaths, and maybe go grab a donut.