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Happy Birthday, Hugh Cornwell!

Hugh Cornwell
“Shhh…Please Don’t Tell My Age.”

Hugh Cornwell of The Stranglers was born on this day, August 28th, in 1949! Hugh is currently in the process of re-releasing his download-only 2008 album, HOOVERDAM. Like all of Cornwell’s dozen or so post-Stranglers‘ solo efforts, HOOVERDAM is quite excellent and recommended listening. Favorite Stranglers song: “All Roads Lead To Rome.”

Gail’s Top Ten Favorite CDs of 2008!

2008 wasn’t the worst year for music. I managed to find ten CDs I really like. These are them.

Gail’s Top Ten Favorite CDs of 2008

1.    MGMT, Oracular Spectacular

2.    Sloan, Parallel Play

3.    Hugh Cornwell, Hoover Dam

4.    Weezer, The Red Album

5.    The Verve, Forth

6.    Secret Machines

7.    Bigelf, Cheat the Gallows

8.    Robert Pollard is Off to Business

9.    Starflyer 59, Dial M

10.    Opeth, Watershed

Hugh Cornwell Offers Hoover Dam For Free!

Hoover Dam Cover

I’ve been a fan of Britain’s seminal art-punk band, The Stranglers, from “Peaches” to “All Roads Lead to Rome” and into all of vocalist Hugh Cornwell’s numerous brilliant solo albums. Now Cornwell is offering a free download of his latest album, Hoover Dam directly from his website. I spent five minutes yesterday downloading the CD after being turned on to the offer by my good pal Randy, and I enjoyed playing these ten songs all afternoon! The album is fantastic, not a bad song in the bunch. I highly recommend adding Hoover Dam to your collection.